Was Johnny Manziel benched for lying to the Browns?

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

Ever since he entered the NFL, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has given the media a lot of headlines to write.

The often controversial star didn't have the rookie year that he would have wished for but his second year has proved to be much worse for him.

Back where he began

After once again starting the season as the Browns back-up quarterback, Manziel earned the starting job and even put in a promising performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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The Browns bye week however came in week 11 and saw a video emerge of Manziel partying and drinking champagne in a nightclub in Austin, Texas.

This led to Manziel being demoted down to the third string quarterback ahead of Monday night's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

When the video first emerged, it was presumed that Manziel was demoted for it's content following his 10 week stay in a rehabilitation centre during the off-season.

However a source close to the situation has hinted that the real reason he was benched was because the second year star tried to lie about the date the video was taken.

It was originally reported that it was filmed during the Browns bye week last week, but now there are claims that Manziel tried to convince the coaches that it was filmed long before that.

It has now been reported that not only Manziel lying, but him also supposedly getting his friends to support the lie is the real reason he has been benched.

Head coach Mike Pettine was asked on Wednesday if Manziel admitted to the video being filmed during the bye week and he had a fairly interesting answer.

"I won't get into the details of what we talked about,"

Get another chance?

There are already those who feel that the Browns should cut their losses with Manziel and explore other options at quarterback.

The Browns are currently 2-8 and have some very difficult games left to come including divisional matches against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals.

Whether or not Manziel gets another chance to start a game for the Browns this year remains to be seen, but if he doesn't and the team do choose to explore other options, will his NFL career continue?

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