WWE round-up: Fan hits Sheamus with bottle at live event

WWE SummerSlam 2015

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We may be in the midst of winter, but the gravy train never stops when it comes to the latest news and information in the world of WWE.

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Sheamus' bottle-gate

It’s never easy being the WWE Heavyweight Champion - particularly not when you take bottles to the head.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

What do we mean by that? Just ask Sheamus, who was hit by a bottle thrown by a fan during a live event in West Virginia on Saturday night.

According to reports the fan in question was arrested and presumably detained - Sheamus, fortunately, managed to escape with nothing more than a look of surprise on his face.

Tommy Dreamer returns

Meanwhile, the WWE pulled out the stops for Raw last night, bringing back ECW legend Tommy Dreamer in support of the Dudley Boyz.

The latter pair found themselves once more challenged by the Wyatts until Dreamer emerged with a garbage can full of weapons. Nice touch, indeed.

Stone Cold now officially retired?

Lastly, speculation is building that suggests Stone Cold Steve Austin is now officially retired from professional wrestling, with the WWE having done it in a subtle way.

Wendy's Brings #bbq4Merica With Actors Alfonso Ribeiro And Ralph Macchio, And Pro Wrestling Hall Of Famer Steve Austin

In the wake of Kobe Bryant’s retirement announcement, the organisation put together a video playlist of famous retirement matches.

Low and behold Stone Cold’s last match in the WWE - the one against The Rock - features in the list, despite never having been billed as a retirement match before.

Are you trying to tell us something, Vince?

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