Brad Maddox confirms saying the word "p****s" got him fired from WWE


We've seen countless times in the past that getting on the wrong side of Vince McMahon can cost you your job in the WWE.

The most recent individual to learn that first hand was Brad Maddox - the five-year WWE veteran released the day before Thanksgiving in surprise circumstances.

One word issue

But, rather than his firing being down to long-running differences with McMahon or a well-thought out business decision, Maddox has today revealed that it was the utterance of one particular word that incurred the wrath of the WWE CEO.


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Speaking today on Busted Open Radio, Maddox confirmed previous reports that it was using the word "pricks" in a promo that cost him his job. Interestingly, the now former WWE-man also revealed it was Vince himself who took exception to the phrase.

Hammering home how much of a snap decision his firing was, Maddox went on to explain that McMahon had, earlier in the same day, offered backing to a Maddox/Adam Rose angle that could have seen the wrestler receive another push.


After first being shunted to the edges of the WWE in favor of other talent, and then being fired for using one word in a dark match, you might think Maddox would harbor strong resentment towards McMahon.

Instead, however, the wrestler appeared to show support for the WWE CEO in further comments to Busted Open Radio:

Firing someone for using the term "pricks" is, unfortunately, yet another sign that the Attitude Era is well and truly over in the WWE and is never coming back.

WWE fans: Do you think McMahon over-reacted here, and do you prefer the PG, or Attitude Era? Have your say in the comments below...

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