Five things WWE needs to change in order to improve their ratings

WWE SummerSlam 2015

Last week WWE saw it's viewer ratings hit a record-breaking all-time low following a below-par Survivor Series pay-per-view.

The main talking point for fans all around the world was Sheamus becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and what a huge impact it had. WWE Raw, the main weekly televised show for the company, hit a mere 2.9 million viewers, the lowest it's ever been since 1999.

So what could WWE do differently to turn their current ratings dilemma around?


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Anyone but Sheamus

Sheamus becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was the worst route company could have possibly taken, and many fans share the same opinion.

Although it had to happen someday, with him being the Money in the Bank winner, many believe this was definitely the wrong time for him to claim the gold. Sheamus has been the champion on multiple occasions now and we want something different; Cesaro, Ambrose, Owens, anyone but Sheamus!

Give Ambrose a Championship

Dean Ambrose is an obvious fan favourite and with his recent victory over Ziggler and Breeze on Smackdown, he is also the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

Although I believe Ambrose has the talent to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion, it's quite clear he won't be in the title picture for some time due to a Reigns feud with Sheamus. Therefore, in order to keep fans happy, WWE need to capitalise on Ambrose's number one contendership and make him the Intercontinental Champion.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

Push, Push, Push!

For some time now, WWE has had a nasty habit of not pushing the right superstars. Ziggler, Cesaro, Ambrose and Owens all have incredible potential, which is noticed by fans week-in-week-out, yet WWE has a hard time recognising this.

Fans of professional wrestling struggle to see why the company hasn't noticed the opportunities they have at the tips of their fingers. If they want to change fans' opinion, these are the superstars they need to be pushing.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

United States Championship Scene

Alberto Del Rio is old news now, and although his return was a massive head-turner, his recent performances have made it evident that he isn't the heel he used to be.

Not only has there been many botches in the ring by him, but his finishing manoeuvre is just plain silly. What happened to the cross arm breaker? That move was awesome to see. Also, his storyline is again unsatisfactory and displeasing to watch, for me WWE needs to crown a new United States Champion, and fast.

John Cena Heel Turn

He has been the face of the company for over a decade now and it's clear he has no intention on leaving anytime soon; but what do WWE need to do differently with Cena in order to draw more viewers to the screen?

Even though it's basically impossible due to the amount of money Cena brings into the company as a face, turning Cena into a heel on his return would be the best idea WWE have had since 'The Summer Of Punk'.

WrestleMania 30 Press Conference

Cena as a heel would be one of the biggest shocks the company has ever produced, and it certainly would lift the viewer ratings into the sky. Questions would arise over who Cena could feud with, but turning him heel, why they still can, is a big opportunity for the company.

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