Roman Reigns wins the WWE Title on Mr McMahon's return to RAW


One night removed from what some considered to be one of the best PPVs of 2015, the post- TLC episode of RAW proved to be more explosive than ever.

It all started with Roman Reigns facing the consequences of his actions at TLC.

A whole new universe

Roman Reigns ended TLC by taking his frustrations out on Triple H after he was once again unsuccessful in winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


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Reigns would deliver a spear, superman punch and a powerbomb on the announce table before driving the COO of the company through the table with an elbow drop.

This led to Stephanie McMahon coming to the ring to open RAW and beginning to address the situation with Reigns.

Reigns would come to the ring and disrupt her mid-sentence and what followed was a segment that laid the foundations of an incredible episode of RAW.

The announcement that the Chairman of the Board himself would be appearing on RAW for the first time in over a year was big enough, but when he arrived and interrupted a match between R-Truth and Bo Dallas, it was vintage McMahon.

McMahon then called Reigns out to the ring...

A confirmed WWE World Heavyweight Championship match on RAW is always a reason to tune in and with the added stipulation of Reigns being fired if he loses, it became a must see main event.

With Mr McMahon himself at ringside, the main event promised to be monumental for the WWE Universe.

So a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion crowned and the realisation of a dream for Roman Reigns.

The WWE really have pulled out all of the tricks to make sure that 2015 ends with a bang and that fans will have a lot to watch out for on the Road to WrestleMania.

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