Top five current tag teams in the WWE

WWE SummerSlam 2015

The WWE as a whole is in a good place right now with their tag team division as many teams have been highly impressive with more solid contenders continuing to emerge.

Whether it’s on the main roster or NXT, teams are breaking through, and they are impressing with unique gimmicks and solid in-ring performances resulting in great entertainment.

Not only that but it shows that - with certain teams - the WWE are set for the future which is key right now and these teams could play a huge part not only in 2016 but for years to come. Here are the teams I believe are the best in the WWE right now and should enjoy a successful 2016.


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The Usos have endured a frustrating year thanks to a Jey Uso injury at WrestleMania and it limited Jimmy Uso to a commentary role, even then there was a lot of excitement building up towards the eventual return of the twin brothers.

Now that they’re back they’ve shown the WWE Universe what the tag team division has been lacking in certain areas. They’re energetic, and they bring a sense of excitement right from their entrance to the moment they leave it all in the ring, and they’re fantastic in the ring as well.

They’ve not had the best of years, but it’s certain that the WWE will still show enough faith in them, so they remain as top contenders for the Tag Team Championships. It will be a huge surprise if they go the whole year without picking up the gold as they’re simply too talented not to capture them.


Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady are two of the most charismatic and entertaining stars in the whole of WWE. If you haven’t checked them out on NXT, then I’d urge you to do so because it’s only a matter of time before they bring their antics and incredible personalities to the main roster, and take over the tag team division.

They’re two of the best on the microphone and their contrasting looks, but similar personalities are what makes them more unique than any other tag team in all of WWE. They have a strong bond with the NXT fans and they always deliver and you know they’re something special when they’re still the star attractions to this day despite not winning the NXT Tag Team Championships.

They’re fun, energetic, they’re worth investing in, and always get the NXT fans in the mood for a great night; their stock will only continue to rise, and they’re one of the best teams on the WWE’s books today.


The Lucha Dragons – much like The Usos – have endured a tough year up until now, mainly because opportunities didn’t exactly come their way but once they did they’ve lived up to the expectations fans had set for them.

Everyone’s loves a high-flier and right now in the WWE they don’t come better than Kalisto and Sin Cara has also done a fantastic job to fit into a story where he can showcase his talents rather than being Kalisto’s backup act. Both men are showcasing their talents on a weekly basis, and they too get the fans excited, and we saw the latest glimpse of their talent at TLC.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

They were involved in some great spots and TLC was the first real big test for them both on the main roster but after TLC, it’s clear the opportunities will continue to come their way. The fans love them and the excitement they bring and they’ve been a huge breath of fresh air on the main roster.


Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are two of the finest athletes in the WWE today, and it’s scary to think how over they are on NXT already, considering we’ve barely scratched the surface with them. The good thing about Jordan and Gable is that there is no outlandish gimmick, and they’re not goofing around as comedy characters, they’re pure wrestlers.

They look the part, and they have unique chemistry as well which is shown every single time they are in the ring. You can only imagine how much the fans will be behind them once they’re involved a lot more in championship matches in bigger storylines.

They can only improve from here, and they’ve done a fantastic job so far of making sure they are known worldwide. We’ve already seen their popularity on NXT’s UK tour, so if they are booked correctly they should be huge stars not only on NXT but the main roster as well, they’re simply too over not to be successful.

#1 – NEW DAY

It doesn’t come as a surprise as the New Day are hands down the best team on the WWE roster today, and it will take an almighty effort from anyone else to dethrone them as the best. The list of reasons as to why they’re the best could go on and on, but it’s still strange to see how far they’ve come considering how they were hated when they debuted as faces.

That blessing in disguise was the best thing that could have happened to them as they’ve hardly stepped a foot wrong. They’re always current, and they know what’s relevant in today’s media, so they make sure they have their comedic input in it. It’s not always comedy as all three of them can work in the ring better than anyone.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

The chemistry is there, they have a great look, and they sell merchandise, what more would you want from a trio? The WWE clearly have faith in them, and rightfully so, we should expect the New Day to be just as impressive and just as entertaining in 2016.


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