Which NHL team is performing best during new 3-on-3 overtime?

Before the start of the season, the NHL announced that it would be introducing 3-on-3 overtime to allow “for more goals to be scored and more games ending in overtime rather than the shootout”.

It has been a big success in the NHL – so much so, that the All-Star competition has taken on a whole new format to incorporate the 3-aside game mode.

Last season, 306 games went beyond regular time, but only 44.4% (136) of them were resolved during the 4-on-4 overtime. 170 games went to shootout – per Sporting Charts.


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In the first game that went to overtime for this campaign, on October 8, Tampa Bay’s defenseman Jason Garrison scored the game-winner against Philadelphia.

According to Sporting Charts, this season 171 games have gone beyond the 60-minute mark, and 109 of them have been won during the 3-on-3 overtime – giving the new overtime format a 63.7% win rate.

So far, six games have seen the only goal of the contest come during overtime – the Chicago Blackhawks have won twice by 1-0 in overtime.

But who’s the team that has performed the best in the 3-on-3 format? And is the most prolific overtime scorer even at the 3-on-3 All-Star event?

NHL team breakdown in 3-on-3

Carolina has had the most games decided in overtime this season but have only won seven of those 14 contests.

Only two teams have failed to win in overtime – Anaheim and Toronto – but Nashville and Minnesota, who have both had eight games decided in OT, can only claim one win in the new format. This gives them a 12.5% win rate – the lowest of any team that’s won a game in overtime.


Next up are Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and Vancouver who have all played 12 games – with 8-4, 8-4, 7-5 and 3-9 records respectively. Vancouver clearly ranks amongst the worst teams in the league with their 25.0% OT win percentage.

But Chicago and Philly both have a 66.7% win rate after having a lot of games decided by OT, which is very impressive.

Three teams have put up a win percentage higher than 85%. Calgary Flames have won 88.9%, LA Kings have won 87.5%, and the New Jersey Devils have an 85.7% success rate in overtime.

Calgary stand as the best team of the three, with their 8-1 OT record – a win more than LA’s 7-1, which is then a win more than NJD’s 6-1.

The Flames have played three less games than fellow eight-win overtime teams – the Blackhawks and the Flyers – but as they’ve got a much higher success rate, you’d have to say that, for now, they are the best 3-on-3 NHL team.


Best OT skaters

The three teams with eight overtime wins – Flames, Blackhawks and Flyers – have all seen the same star players step up time and again to get their team the important extra point.

Other high flying OT teams like LA, Detroit, Carolina and New Jersey have seen their scoring more evenly distributed between their players.

Starting with the current Stanley Cup champions – the Chicago Blackhawks – you see three very strong players appear repeatedly on their overtime score sheet. Defenseman

Defenseman Brent Seabrook has six OT assists so far, and captain Jonathan Toews has four goals. Then there’s the league leading point scorer, Patrick Kane, who has a goal and five assists.


However, the efforts of these Blackhawk stars don’t break any of them into the top two players in 3-on-3 during this campaign.

The Philly Flyers have been as good as Chicago in overtime this season and see a more dominant player crop up when they surpass the 60-minute mark. Jakub Voracek has scored twice and set up five more in OT – meaning that he’s had a hand in all but one of Philadelphia’s overtime wins.

Other Flyers that have also flourished in the new format are Claude Giroux – who has a goal and five assists – and Shayne Gostisbehere, who has won the game three times and set up another.

But the top scorer so far in the new overtime setup is also the top scorer for the team occupying 26th in the NHL’s overall standings. Johnny Gaudreau has scored three goals and seven points during 3-on-3 – the extra goal puts him just above Voracek’s seven points.

Of Gaudreau, Giroux, Kane, Toews, Voracek and Seabrook, only the first four players were selected for the All-Star games – Toews has since opted out of the tournament allowing Nashville’s James Neal to compete.

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