Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook - the battle of the point guards

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors

There is no doubt that Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook are two of the best and fiercest point guards in the NBA. Both players always bring their A-game and continually strike fear into opposing defences.

When it comes to comparing the two, it is hard to decide who the better point guard is. Both have their own individual talents that give them a competitive edge on others and, in a one-on-one comparison, it would be a toss-up for who comes out on top.

What sets Curry and Westbrook apart from one another is the fact they change the way a game is played. They single-handedly have an effect on proceedings; just look at their Player Impact Estimate numbers.

Curry falls in at number one with a 20.4 and Westbrook at number two with a 19.4. The two play on teams that are stacked with talent and include multiple All-Stars, such as Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, yet each player is vital to how a game is going to be played – something few other players in the league can say about themselves.

Even looking at the two individually shows how each has a tendency to set himself apart. Curry has a quick style of play, where he can break an ankle and step back, dropping a three with ease.

He sits atop the three-point leaderboard with 232 shots made from beyond the arc, which is 77 ahead of teammate Klay Thompson. Such is his ability from deep, his season tally already puts him in the top ten for three-pointer made in a season.

But he is more than just a range shooter; he is the complete package on offence. As comfortable driving to the basket or passing to a teammate as he is pulling up and unleashing from behind the arc. Add to that his mesmerising handles, it makes Curry one of the hardest players to defend in the NBA.

While Westbrook may not have the same three-point ability, he and Curry are similar in the way they make defences cower. There is arguably no man in the NBA who plays with more intensity than the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard. 

When he has the ball, he drives as if defenders don’t exist, getting past anything in his path with ease. His performances for the Western Conference franchise have been on another level.

The 27-year-old could be considered the perfect player at the point. His mix of creativity, explosiveness and passion have seen him stuff the stats sheet on a regular basis, and he currently sits second in triple-doubles.

Westbrook can be considered the most explosive, while his quick acting counterpart Curry; the most lethal.

On the court, these two players line up in more ways than one, but each has their own thing going for them. Off the court, it’s a different story.

Fashion Sense

Russell Westbrook is one of, if not the, most extravagant and flashy dressers in the NBA. Not a week goes by where Westbrook’s post-game press conference outfit isn’t a surprise.

While considered nutty by some, he has gone on to work with Nike and Barneys regarding fashion and marketing. Stephen Curry might be a little less showy in the way he dresses but dresses sharply nonetheless.

When it comes to what these two don on their feet, both have deals with major sportswear brands. Russell Westbrook has a deal with Jordan, where he has the Jordan Westbrook 0 - his signature shoe that is more casual wear than performance.

While Westbrook could have a performance shoe as well, with his fashion sense he would much rather have fashionable, everyday footwear to go along with his outfits.

Taking a quick glance at his releases, in collaboration with Barneys, shows the five–time All-Star’s creativity in the fashion world. He has a range of clothing from shoes, trousers and tights, to vests, jackets and caps.

Curry’s deal is with Under Armor where he has his SC30 line. From shoes to backpacks, this line has it all. The sneakers, which took off when released last year, are purely performance, and Curry can be seen wearing them in various colourways each night he laces up.

Golden State Warriors v Philadelphia 76ers

Both of these men are premier players whose teams wouldn’t be the same without them. They leave everything on the hardwood every night. Arguably the two best point guards in the NBA, the two have a lot in common on the court.

They may have some off-court differences in their dress sense, but watching them go at each other will be a show in itself.

Who will win; the Golden State Warriors or Oklahoma City Thunder? Leave your comments below

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