WWE: Vince McMahon reportedly does not like NXT

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NXT is amazing, one of the most exciting wrestling promotions in the world right now putting on incredible matches time after time again. 

It might be the WWE's equivalent of the Minor Leagues, but Triple H's creation down at Full Sail University in Florida has infinitely more hardcore and knowledgeable fans, showcases some of the most talented wrestlers in the world, and has stories and wrestlers that people actually care about. 

And Vince McMahon absolutely hates it. This is according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, at least, who claims that McMahon sees very little worth in the promotion.


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NXT Has No Stars

In the Newsletter this week, Meltzer reported that McMahon perceives NXT as a touring product and nothing more, dismissing it as a real wrestling promotion.

McMahon reportedly feels that most of the NXT roster can't draw money for his company because he doesn't see them as "stars."

NXT wrestlers not being considered stars has got to be an absolute lie. Sami Zayn received a huge pop when he made his return to Monday Night Raw this past week, while Finn Balor and Bayley sell an incredible amount of merchandise. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it were to be revealed that Bayley sells more merch than any Diva on the main roster.

You just have to look at Kevin Owens, who is now arguably the number one heel on the WWE main roster having made his transition from NXT.

NXT Stars Want to stay Down

This is a two-way street because a lot of the NXT talent have negative feelings towards McMahon and what he is doing with the WWE main roster.

A lot of NXT talent would like a spot on the main WWE roster so they can earn more money, but the feeling in the locker room is that NXT is more fun.

According to The Wrestling Observer, NXT talent took notice of how Tyler Breeze was treated after he arrived on the main roster.

Some of the locker room was reportedly disgruntled after Breaking Ground built up Breeze's move to the main roster as a big deal, only for him to be treated like a "jobber" on WWE television and be relegated to losing five-minute matches whenever someone else needs a win, despite being close to the NXT main event scene when he was down at Full Sail.

If this report is true, Vince McMahon has a lot of explaining to do, and maybe even some apologies to hand out to Triple H - who has done an incredible job with the WWE's developmental scene, turning it into a worldwide force. 

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