WWE just devalued the Intercontinental title belt

Zack Ryder

WWE Superstar Zack Ryder won the Intercontinental Champion title at WrestleMania 32, only to lose it to The Miz the very next day at WWE Raw.

In doing so, WWE devalues this illustrious title.  Ryder should not have been anywhere near the title in the first place.

He has been a WWE Superstar for a number of years, however, in recent times, he has been barely used on the main roster.  He mainly appears in WWE NXT shows, and has not been in the title picture for some time.  He was an odd choice to be involved in the ladder match at WM32 let alone win it.


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Almost everyone who saw him reach for the belt and take the title at WM32 could guess that his reign would be short.  It was a throwaway WrestleMania moment for him, not many would guess that his reign would last less than 24 hours, though.

On last night's post-Mania Raw, The Miz challenged him for the title and took it off him with ease. The Miz is hardly a great choice for the title either. He doesn't feature in many matches, and when he does he generally loses. His reign is likely to be short - however it will be at least three days as there isn't another WWE show until Thursday.

These moves do nothing to celebrate the Intercontinental Champion title. The last meaningful run with the title was Kevin Owens, an up and coming star who is destined to be in the main event scene sooner rather than later.

Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Triple H and The Rock have all held this belt in the past. It used to be seen as a major achievement and made the careers of a number of WWE Superstars who used a run with this belt as a way to elevate themselves into main eventers.

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This is exactly how the belt should be used, not as a hot potato to be thrown around the roster. It devalues the belt and the achievements of those who have held the belt before.The Intercontinental Champion title deserves better.

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