John Cena reveals what Vince McMahon said in their first ever meeting

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John Cena has been on the WWE main roster for almost 14 years. Through that time period, he has had a lot of significant moments, matches, and promos.

He's gone from simple begingings of debuting against Kurt Angle in 2002, to becoming a master on the mic for promos, to winning the WWE Championship for the first time in 2005 at WrestleMania 21 against JBL, to main eventing several WrestleManias and nearly winning every single championship there is on offer.

All these moments mentioned and more is why the leader of the Cenation is highly regarded as the best WWE superstar of all time. He does so much for the company and has helped take the WWE to new heights in the PG era.


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However, before any of this even happened, including his debut against Angle, Cena had a very important meeting with Vince McMahon, which could have ultimately decided his future in the company. It was his first ever meeting with the man as well.

Cena was brought to Mr. McMahon's attention after The Undertaker was unable to compete against Angle in a match in 2002. He revealed in an interview with Centerstage on the YES Network in New York City prior to WrestleMania 32, according to NoDQ, what happened in that very meeting.

"I got to meet Vince McMahon in Chicago in 2002, which is where I made my (mainstage, WWE television) debut, and it was the night of my debut, and my debut shouldn’t have even happened," Cena revealed.

"Kurt Angle was supposed to wrestle a fellow named The Undertaker that night, and The Undertaker actually could not make the show. He was extremely ill and didn’t show up, and they needed a replacement, and somebody threw my name out there because it would just be like a single match and it would do more for Kurt Angle than anybody else and Vince said “Okay,” so they brought me in to see Vince, and I had a long, horrible, badly-dyed mop haircut at the time.

"And my first meeting with Vince McMahon went something like this: I was shoved into a room and someone over my shoulder said, “What do you think?”

"And he (McMahon) turns around and goes, “Cut his hair.”

"That was my first meeting with my boss. I love him. I admire him as a human being. I think he’s … just a wonderful example of hard work paying off. To this day he does not need to show up. He is always hands on. He always shows up. His drive is incomparable."

Strange to think that if Vince McMahon had decided not to cut Cena's hair, or if he had dismissed Cena from wrestling against Angle at that very moment, how different would the WWE be today.

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