Does WWE needs a Women's Tag Team Championship?

WWE SummerSlam Press Conference

The WWE Women's division is crammed full of talented, dedicated and driven individuals, arguably more so than at any time in history. Reduced to Divas no longer, Women's wrestling is bigger than it's ever been, and the female superstars of the WWE are regularly outshining their male counterparts. 

The triple threat match between Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania was almost certainly the best match of the event. And who can forget Bayley and Sasha Banks' 30-minute iron man match at NXT TakeOver: Respect? Natalya is staking her claim in the title race, and behind her are a long line of talented wrestlers queuing up for their chance. And behind them, are the women of NXT, it can't be long before we see Bayley and Asuka on the main roster.

Here lies the problem. There are only so many times the title will change hands, only one number one contender at any time. So how do those not in the current title picture keep their matches fresh and exciting? There will be the usual storyline based feuds and grudges, and that's fine. But it's not enough to sustain the entire division. A Women's Tag Team Championship could be a solution.


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There are a few reasons why this might work. Firstly, it would give the women that aren't fighting for the Women's Championship something to aim for, a fresh challenge. Secondly, it would both provide new and further current storylines. New alliances lead to new feuds and keep the division feeling vibrant and relevant.

Tag team matches can be great for establishing strong characters. The passive partner has the opportunity to really play to the crowd, generating support, or boos, interfering in the match to break the count, or stopping your opponents from doing the same.

Finally - but importantly, a tag team title in the women's division practically guarantees a second women's match on RAW each week. After all, if the men's singles and tag team competitions are represented each week, and all superstars are now equal, then surely the women's singles and tag team competitions would be represented.

It's not an original idea, just a question of timing. Under the old WWF banner, there was a Women's tag team title between 1983 and 1989. In the current WWE programming, there are tag team matches almost every week in the women's division, and on many of the pay-per-view events. The idea crops up every few years with the main argument against it being not enough women in the division to justify it.

That is no longer the case. With the recent influx of superstars, there are now more than enough talented female wrestlers to sustain both singles and tag team competition. The time might just be right to reward their hard work and success with a new challenge in the form of tag team gold.

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