Suspension outburst to cause an inadvertent push for Adam Rose?


Many fans will know that Adam Rose recently received a suspension for allegedly violating WWE’s Wellness Policy.

He received a 60 day suspension for this violation and subsequently took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter.

Speaking his mind

Various sources on-line suggest that this outburst actually achieved Rose a lot of respect and shock among WWE officials backstage, as many claim Rose to be a quiet character who rarely speaks up for himself.


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In light of this news it could be possible that Rose may achieve a future push in the WWE - If relations between the company and Rose remain positive in a working capacity.

This could inadvertently provide Rose with a mid-card push, which could lead to an opportunity at the Intercontinental or United States Championship in the future.

Considering this in regards to previous superstars who have been vocal about the company in the past (such as CM Punk), this could serve as a means of elevating Rose into a more active role on the roster.

Rose's recent stint with the ‘Social Outcasts’ stable appears to have run its course and does not appear to be achieving anything notable at this point in time despite a positive beginning.

Whilst WWE does take its Wellness Policy very seriously (in many cases firing superstars such as Billy Gunn) we have yet to hear a response to Rose’s claims on Twitter from the company.

This could of course be due to legal factors which prevent the WWE from making a formal statement regarding the matter.

However Rose’s comments do not appear to be slanderous in any way, instead serving as his opinion on the matter, with the promise of a future update for his fans.

Therefore, after this matter is resolved we could see a push for Rose and perhaps a change of gimmick.

Considering the nature of his relations with the company at this stage, a heel turn would be likely for the future.

Leo's return

Rose during his days in NXT was  a very different character, despite debuting on the main roster as the leader of the Exotic Express, on NXT he was much darker Leo Kruger.

Kruger was an interesting character who could be best be compared to Bray Wyatt - although there are obvious differences.

Prior to his alliance with the Social Outcasts, fans had been calling for Rose to return to his days as Kruger but could his current suspension give the company a chance to revisit a former idea upon his return?

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