What next for Rusev? WWE should think about Cena feud


In light of Rusev’s recent victory on Monday Night Raw, he is now the number one contender for the United States Championship.

It is likely he will face Kalisto at Extreme Rules for the title, however, no match has been made official as yet.

The chances, though, are that he will defeat Kalisto and become a two-time United States Champion. But what should happen after that?


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The return of John Cena

John Cena is returning on the Memorial Day episode of Monday Night Raw (as he recently made clear in an announcement via Twitter) and, given the fact that the championship has recently become a pre-show event as opposed to a main-card draw, WWE will be aiming to turn this around and create prestige for the title once again.

John Cena gave the title a lot of prestige when he was champion last year, but the championship has lost this during the subsequent reigns by Alberto Del Rio & Kalisto.  Cena, then, would be the perfect man to bring prestige back into the championship with a feud against Rusev.

However, this should be handled delicately. Rusev is in need of a push after a somewhat uninteresting and unimportant stint with the ‘League Of Nations’ stable. If WWE simply brings back John Cena only to bury Rusev, this will hurt his character considerably.

I believe a better move would be for Rusev to defend successfully against John Cena at back to back PPVs, culminating in an eventual loss further down the line.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

This would then create a buzz for Rusev as he would be put over as a strong heel, whilst allowing John Cena to continue as a face before eventually granting him another reign as United States Champion.

John Cena heel turn?

An altogether more left-field idea is a John Cena heel turn. If the veteran star returns as a heel, as he has hinted is a possibility on numerous occasions, and feuds with Rusev, this could allow Rusev to become face for the first time. 

This might considerably strengthen his image amongst the WWE Universe, whilst also reintroducing John Cena’s heel character which we haven’t seen in over 10 years.

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