Four ways WWE can use Apollo Crews on the main roster


Apollo Crews is an exciting prospect on the main roster right now, having recently made the jump from NXT, and he is currently undefeated in singles competition and appears to be over with the fans already.

However, Crews is not being booked properly and his matches are becoming somewhat predictable and stale. This is a shame considering his talent. He is incredibly athletic given his heavyweight build and can pull off some surprising moves, making him even more exciting to watch.

Now that the WWE universe is familiar with Crews, it’s time for the script writers to make a decision regarding how they will use him. So here’s a few options they could take.


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Championship Pursuit

Given his need for experience and the fact he needs to develop his personality, a championship pursuit might be a good idea.

He was recently part of a number-one contender battle royal for the United States Championship (although unsuccessful) so this is a good start, however, it would be better to engage him in a feud with a reigning champion in order to develop his mic skills, together with, his ability to cut a promo.

These are all things he will need to be very good at in order to progress in the WWE, so it would be a strong move if they were to start him out early at this stage.

If they take this route, a feud with Rusev, assuming he becomes champion after his title shot against Kalisto, could be the way to go.

Tag Team Partner

Sometimes superstars need to work with others in order to develop a personality. Sometimes this becomes their entire career and they become extremely successful at it, and usually this enables them to eventually branch off and become successful single competitors too.

For instance, The Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian, and the Dudley Boyz all started as tag teams before chasing singles careers. 

WWE Smackdown - Sydney

This might be a decent option for Apollo, especially if they team him with an experienced superstar who can mentor him.

It's hard to picture him with anyone at this point in time, but maybe a controversial selection could be Baron Corbin. However, this would mean Crews would have to turn heel.

Gimmick change

It can be a certain catchphrase, a weird obsession with an inanimate object, person or place, or it could be the clothes the superstar wears.

Whatever the change, if the crowd likes it, you’re in for a winner!

Jeremy Piven Hosts WWE's "Monday Night Raw" At Mohegan Sun Arena

This is a particularly risky move, however, given that some gimmicks backfire majorly, it can be very difficult to change crowd reaction after an unsuccessful stint, often resulting in a drastic repackage in order to sway public opinion.

It would be better off avoiding a gimmick change for Apollo Crews, at least in this early stage of his WWE career.

Heel turn

At this point in time, a heel turn seems like a great way to develop the diversity of Apollo Crews’ character.

At the moment he is a major ‘babyface’ and can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of the fans, so a sudden heel change would be unexpected and would really add a new dimension to his character.

It all depends on the delivery of the promos, but if Crews worked with an experienced heel such as Chris Jericho or Kevin Owens, he might be able to grow into a strong one himself.

How should WWE book Apollo Crews now that he's a regular on the main roster? Have YOUR say in the comment section below!

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