Seth Curry explains the importance of '30' to the Curry family

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings

Stephen Curry may be the most famous player to ever wear the number 30 in the NBA. 

The reigning MVP has popularised the number around the world with his form over the past two seasons. Having won the NBA's most prestigious individual award last year, he has been tipped to become the first ever player to be unanimously voted the winner as he reclaims the prize later in the month. 

But the number means more to the Curry family than simply digits on a jersey. For Steph and his brother Seth, it is a chance for them to pay tribute to their father, who taught them everything they know about the game of basketball. 

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Seth wore 30 during his days with Duke and has picked it up again since joining the Sacramento Kings while Steph has donned the number since he played for Davidson in college. 

In a recent interview with the Kings' official website, the younger Curry brother said 30 had become something of a family number over the years.

He said: “Wearing the number 30 jersey is like paying tribute to our dad. He is the one who taught us the game and means a lot to us. He wore the jersey since his high school days and so Steph and I are wearing the same number jersey. It’s like a family number.”


After bouncing around the league and development programme since going undrafted in 2013, Seth began to show his worth to NBA teams after he was given a chance by the Kings. 

Steph casts a pretty sizable shadow in terms of family competition, however, he has begun to build his own reputation with some strong three-point shooting and passing games. 

Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors

After being handed his first NBA start in March, he showcased the usual Curry stroke from behind the arc and his best night came as he shot 6-of-10 from downtown in a surprise win against the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

The real statement game from the 25-year-old was his mightily impressive double-double in the penultimate encounter of the campaign. He dropped 20 points - shooting 57.1 percent - while also providing 15 dimes for his teammates. 

With the new NBA TV deal seeing a big rise in salary caps next season, it will come as no surprise to see Curry opt out of his player option in Sacramento.

His improved form came at the right time and there are a number of franchises in the league on the lookout for a rotation point guard with a dead-eye from range. He may decide to accept an offer from the Kings, though, after they gave him the chance to shine.

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, Seth has taken the first steps forging his own legacy.

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