Kevin Owens & John Cena to feud for the second time?


With many fans and wrestling sources alike speculating on the possibility of John Cena returning to feud with former rival Rusev, it is strange to consider another former feud being rekindled.

Given the fact that the United States Championship has lost its prestige in recent times and the WWE is shaping its merchandise and matches around the title, is it possible that Cena will return to feud with Rusev and regain the championship?


However, could WWE decide to change things up and give us a renewed feud between Kevin Owens & John Cena?


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Although this contradicts my previous point concerning the reuse of feuds, some fans may remember that Owens lost twice to Cena during their feud, effectively putting Cena over.

Considering how popular Owens is with the crowd right now, it is possible that WWE is planning for John Cena to put over Owens as a popular heel, with the intention of pushing him as a main event player?

Whilst some might argue this is an unlikely eventuality, they might wish to consider the recent hints that have been dropped.

Recent hints

For instance, Kevin Owens recently tweeted John Cena in response to his #ShowYourGrit hashtag, reminding him of his WWE main roster debut.

Owens made a splash on the main roster as he power-bombed John Cena, thus beginning the start of their feud.

WWE also posted a video of this moment to celebrate Kevin Owens’ birthday, adding to the speculations that we may see another feud between these two.

Another step up?

Owens' previous feud with Cena was the catalyst that propelled him to becoming one of the biggest names on the roster.

His first ever match on the main roster against Cena at Elimination Chamber 2015 was widely considered as a contender for Match of the year by some.

Their first feud is the main reason that Owens is now a two-time Intercontinental champion and a second feud between the two could see Owens climb even higher up the roster - possibly even to challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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