Is Sami Zayn the next man to become Intercontinental Champion?


The Intercontinental championship has become a big draw this year ever since Wrestlemania 32.

Since the surprise win that came from Zack Ryder during that intense and captivating ladder match in Dallas, we have seen several names cast their eye to the title.

Recent feuds

As the weeks have passed, we have seen feud upon feud develop, as everyone in the mid card seems to be battling it out to become champion.


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From The Miz & Zack Ryders’ initial feud to Cesaro winning a number one contenders match for a title match at WWE Payback.

No-one as yet has been able to defeat The Miz for his championship, owing largely in part to his wife Maryse, who has helped The Miz to defeat his challengers.

Many had tipped the winner of the WrestleMania ladder match to be either Sami Zayn or former champion Kevin Owens to retain before Ryder surprised us all.

One on One or Fatal-Four-Way?

This seemingly hasn't hurt Zayn’s chances of winning WWE gold however, given that he has recently competed to become the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

It would appear that we might see Zayn compete in a fatal-four-way with Cesaro, Owens and the current champion, The Miz at the upcoming PPV ‘Extreme Rules’.

Zayn had a very personal encounter with The Miz on the highlight reel this past Thursday on Smackdown.

leading to a match that same night, the whole promo was geared around Zayn antagonising The Miz about the championship belt.

Zayn was implying that an upcoming title match between these two might occur and the fans can only hope that it happens sooner rather than later.

Adding to the speculations are rumours that Sami Zayn has stated publicly that he has set his sights on becoming the champion.

Will we see another showdown between The Miz & Zayn but this time for the belt? Or are we gearing toward a fatal-four-way at Extreme Rules?

NXT flying high

The NXT alumni are currently flying high on the main roster, but for those who have arrived since the weeks leading up to WrestleMania, they could be viewed as the best group of débutantes to ever emerge from the developmental brand.

Baron Corbin won the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal at WrestleMania, Zayn is heavily in the Intercontinental title picture and the Vaudevillians are already the number one contenders for the Tag Team championships.

NXT is flying high right now and if Zayn was to capture the Intercontinental Championship, it would be a fairytale ending for one of the most popular NXT alumni.

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