Should the Women's division have more championships?


Recently we have seen major changes in the Women’s division of wrestling in the WWE.

The introduction of a new championship belt, the rebranding of the division from ‘Divas’ to ‘Women’s division’, and now we are seeing an influx of new female wrestlers going into NXT.

However, amongst all these changes there are still factors that are not being addressed. One factor that isn’t being discussed is that of providing equivalent Women’s championships.


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What's meant by this is for the WWE to offer equivalents of the United States, Intercontinental and most importantly, the Tag Team championships offered in the Men’s division.

WWE has stated that it wishes to make the Women’s division equal to the Men’s, and whilst this will take some time to fully achieve, there are changes such as the aforementioned, that will certainly speed up the progress.

Considering the sheer amount of female wrestlers in the WWE right now, a Tag Team championship would be a good starting move.

It would allow existing alliances between female competitors the opportunity to compete for a new championship that would have a lot of prestige and it would represent a significant change in the division.

In regards to the Intercontinental and US championships, this would allow distinctions to be made within the Women’s’ division in regards to where certain superstars fit.

For instance, if Natalya is competing for the Women’s championship, whilst Becky Lynch is competing for the Intercontinental championship, this would represent a difference in their abilities and success on the card.

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Essentially, we would see a development of main eventers, mid-carders and lower card wrestlers within the women’s division, as a result of these changes.

The changes within this division have already been incredibly exciting, and the quality of matches between these superstars has been excellent.

Is this the next step for the Women’s division of WWE?

Should WWE introduce more titles for the Women's division? Have YOUR say in the comment section below!

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