UEFA considering weekend games for Champions League

Real Madrid v Manchester City FC - UEFA Champions League Semi Final: Second Leg

How would you feel about watching Manchester United vs Fenerbahce on a Saturday afternoon instead of watching the Manchester Derby? What about watching Bayern Munich vs  Apoel FC instead of Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund?

Most people would rather watch big, domestic league matches over group stage Champions League matches, but the reason these type of scenarios could happen is due to UEFA's newest proposal.

According to The Times, UEFA is proposing Champions League games on Saturday and Sunday to help increase the revenue generated by the viewership in Asia. 


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Now, the Premier League has come out against this proposal as it can disrupt the domestic league schedule as well as the domestic cup competitions schedules. 

UEFA is looking at this from strictly a financial gain. The organisation has seen the large revenue the English Premier League has received from the Asia television market and wants to replicate this type of financial success. This is the problem fans see with the large organizations like UEFA. It is all about the money and not about the fans behind these clubs.

While it could allow for more fans to travel to Champions League games if they are on the weekend, travel costs could go up for away fans and cause fewer fans to attend the matches. That could cause the atmosphere of Champions League games to fall. 

Luckily for everyone, these proposed plans will not take place until 2021 at the earliest due to current global television deals.

While it seems to be far off in the distance, the English Premier League is leading the front for stopping these plans. It could be down to the fact the Premier League does not want to share the global revenue and wishes to remain the wealthiest global league/competition on the planet.

Heineken Champions League Trophy Tour - Ho Chi Minh City

Yet, UEFA’s plans could hurt the quality of competition of domestic leagues by having those teams who play in the Champions leagues only focus on that competition instead of their domestic duties.

If UEFA wanted to fix a competition and the scheduling of it, then they should focus on the Europa League. No one wants to play on a Thursday night in Europe then come back and play on a Sunday domestically.

The Champions League format is fine how it is. Unfortunately, anytime money is involved in decisions in football, the fans lose out the most.

Would you like Champions League games to be played at the weekend? Have YOUR say in the comment section below!

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