Is Vince McMahon preparing to slowly hand over control of WWE?


Vince McMahon has always been an integral part of WWE programming since its first inception under his ownership in the 1980s.

Gradually, over the years preceding the purchase of the company from his father Vincent J McMahon, Vincent K McMahon has transformed the company, as well as, created an on-air persona as the villainous ‘Mr McMahon’.

During his time on TV, he can be remembered for delivering many memorable promos, engaging himself in epic storylines (most memorably his feuds with Stone Cold Steve Austin & his son Shane McMahon) and even competing in various matches over the years.


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With that being said, he has started to appear on our screens less and less, with The Authority appearing to take over the company somewhat, and with him seeming to take more of a backstage role, appearing more sporadically in recent years.

With all that in mind, his recent announcement of the sale of $40 million dollars of WWE stock might be an indication that Vince is planning on handing over control of the company to his family.

Albeit a small 6% of the stock was sold in this recent announcement, the sales were stated as being for ‘estate planning purposes for the benefit of Mr. McMahon and certain members of Mr. McMahon’s family’, hinting that Vince might be gradually handing over control of the company to his son and daughter.

Many spectators and industry insiders alike have claimed that Vince is out of touch in terms of knowing what the fans expect from the current WWE product. Whilst Vince is still very much at the helm of the WWE, making all the key decisions, he might, in fact, be listening somewhat to the fans in terms of this point.

His recent decision to allow Shane McMahon to control Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania is a key example of this, as it’s been reported since then that the original intention for Shane McMahon was for him to leave after his match against the Undertaker.

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Perhaps this is a sign of Vince paying attention the critics, and allowing his family to assume some responsibility, over the current product.

We have already seen huge changes such as the introduction of NXT with Paul Levesque (Triple H) supervising and coordinating the venture, alongside the running of the flagship show Monday Night Raw under The Authority, and now Shane & Stephanie McMahon.

Considering how important the business is to Vince, it is likely he will continue to assume overall majority ownership over the company for many years to come, however, considering the aforementioned points, we might be seeing the beginning of Vince alleviating some of his responsibilities from himself, to his family.

Should Vince McMahon hand over the company to his children? Have YOUR say on the debate in the comment section below!

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