Then, Now, Forever – misused Cody Rhodes has left WWE behind

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The WWE Universe has been rocked by the recent release of one of their longest serving superstars.

Cody Runnels, better known for his tenure as Cody Rhodes, and most recently, Stardust, has revealed on Twitter that he has asked for his release from WWE.

Leaving the WWE behind

The son of WWE Hall of Famer, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Rhodes was full of potential.


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After becoming a two-time Georgia state champion in amateur wrestling, Rhodes decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, and become a professional wrestler for the WWE.

A decision that would determine his path for the next ten years, Rhodes rose through the ranks of the company as a tag team specialist and second fiddle to more prominent superstars.

Between 2008 and 2010, he had his first taste of the main event scene through his membership in The Legacy, helping Randy Orton become the WWE Champion and even feuding with the legendary DX.

Since that time, however, Cody Rhodes has found a niche in the mid-card, known for his consistent wrestling abilities and impressive skills on the microphone.

He underwent several gimmick changes, each one sillier than the last, but seemingly never complained about the decisions that were ultimately made by WWE Creative.

Instead, he dedicated his focus to excelling at portraying each character, earning the respect of the WWE Universe.

Long after WWE Creative had effectively buried Cody Rhodes in a series of ridiculous story lines, Dusty’s son finally made the brave decision to leave the WWE behind, along with painful memories and shattered dreams.

Three weeks before the one-year anniversary of Dusty Rhodes’ death, Cody thanked the world upon his exit from the WWE, whose tweets can be seen below.

In another case of WWE missing the mark with promising talent, Cody Runnels was a young wrestler who showed the ability to capitalize on the opportunities given to him.

He may not have been as athletic as the Cruiserweights, or as powerful as the Heavyweights, but his greatest downfall appeared to be his lack of size.

WWE has been notorious over the past few decades - under Vince McMahon’s leadership, to endorse wrestlers who had the body builder physique, leaving few chances to men of a smaller stature, regardless of their abilities.

For a man who never disappointed in the ring with a solid match, and conjured some excellent promos as bizarre characters, the WWE’s missed opportunity with Cody Rhodes leaves much to be desired.

Perhaps Rhodes is moving on to greater things. After all, he only turns 31 next month, and many wrestlers have found enormous success in rival promotions or overseas in Japan.

He may even follow Ethan Carter III’s lead and become a huge star, en route to a potential return to the WWE after a hiatus.

History may be repeating itself once more, much like 25 years ago.

Then, Dusty Rhodes left the WWF, and returned to WCW to solidify his legendary status with the rival company.

Now, his son has left the WWE, in search for his own fame elsewhere.

Forever, we will remember the potential of the Rhodes family, and how the McMahons squandered their legacies.

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