Is WWE working superstars too hard?


In the age of social media and spoilers, the WWE have many big problems facing them, but is their biggest problem one of their own making?

In light of the news that Sasha Banks has been injured it begs the question, is there something problematic with the way WWE uses its superstars In the ring?

Hard work

WWE superstars are always prone to injury (it’s the nature of the industry after all!) however 2015/2016 has seen perhaps the biggest injury list we’ve ever seen.


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Many top stars including John Cena, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton all suffered big injuries last year and are yet to return to action.

Even the mid-card suffered with other names like Neville, Tyson Kidd, Enzo Amore and now Banks all missing from WWE TV.

So why are there so many injuries?

No rest?

WWE has one of the most demanding schedules in the wrestling industry, whereby superstars are constantly travelling between cities in the USA, or between countries during overseas tours.

They are also expected to compete in two televised broadcasts each week (either episodes of Raw, Smackdown, Superstars or Main Event) or they are expected to work ‘Dark matches’ (untelevised matches) as part of the show.

WWE also produces house shows or ‘WWE Live’ events as they are now dubbed, every week alongside the televised shows, where often the same superstars are expected to compete.

We can, therefore, argue that this very demanding schedule is likely to be a casual factor, especially considering the fact that superstars are expected to find time to train in the gym, train for matches, engage in various activities for the press and even appear in various shows on the WWE Network.

So is WWE asking too much of its superstars? , if the ever-increasing injury list is anything to go by, perhaps the answer to that question would be ‘Yes’.

Lack of training?

This is a controversial point and it doesn’t have much evidence.

However, when you consider how often these injuries seem to occur, one thing that might be worth analysing is the training of the superstars.

For example, mistakes or ‘botches’ as they are known in the wrestling industry tend to occur in all wrestling promotions.

Through extensive training and years of experience it may be possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of them occurring, but ultimately, mistakes happen (e.g. poor timing of moves, miscommunication between superstars etc).

Botches will lead to injuries, however sometimes it can simply be a complete mistake which no one could see coming.

For instance, if you watch Enzo Amore’s recent injury, it is clear that no one was immediately aware of his injury, in fact the officials and his opponent Simon Gotch thought he was ‘selling’ that it hurt.

It is admittedly hard to argue this point, especially given the introduction of the NXT training centre, where all current WWE superstars are able to train.

However there have been cases through WWE's history of stars being pushed to the top when they are perhaps dangerous to work with - as seen in the comments made by former WWE superstar CM Punk following his matches with Ryback.

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