WWE set to turn the New Day heel?

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It could be argued that the New Day are a key example to how the WWE Creative team can turn a losing situation into a big win.

Despite debuting as a face faction, they were turned heel when the crowd were unwilling to accept their brand of 'positivity'.

Another twist?

During their time spent as a heel group, they did what others such as the Wyatt Family and Kevin Owens achieved by earning the fans admiration.


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The New Day have now been champions for over 200 days and they are completely over with the crowd.

Despite this, there are some that say that this gimmick has had its day, and that some fans are starting to become sick of it.

Their actions tonight in their title defense against the Vaudevillains may suggest that the team are set for another big change.

Extreme Rules

During the finish to the match, Kofi Kingston kicked one of the Vaudevillains from the outside of the ropes whilst the referee’s back was turned.

this then allowed Xavier Woods to capitalise and pick up the victory meaning that the New Day's title reign would continue.

Many spectators considered this to be a ‘heel’ move, suggesting that The New Day may become heel once again, which could take their gimmick in an interesting direction.

New Challengers

If the New Day are to turn heel, it could be down to their plans for the immediate future, and a possible new feud for the Tag Team Champions.

Considering the fact that Enzo & Cass may be coming back onto the scene soon, (as Enzo is due to return from injury) we might then see a promo between them and the New Day with Enzo & Cass as the babyfaces in the whole feud.

This is of course only speculation based on their actions at Extreme Rules as it is also very likely that WWE will keep them face, considering how popular they are with the fans right now.

Though it is important that WWE do not allow the gimmick to become drab and repetitive.

In fairness to The New Day, if they do revert back to heel this may not affect their popularity with fans, as their gimmick is centred largely around crowd interaction (something they are very good at).

Fortunately for WWE, they may not have to make the decision themselves.

Feuding the New Day against Enzo and Cass could naturally align them as the heels given the incredible popularity of the former NXT tag team.

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