Did Ryback hint at move to TNA during Extreme Rules PPV?


During WWE Extreme Rules Ryback tweeted to fans the following message:

Whilst some fans were dismissing and mocking Ryback, stating that he’s an idiot for misspelling his name, or the fact that he tweeted this at all during the PPV, it does have some interesting implications for WWE and Ryback.


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Will WWE react?

This could lead to a possible suspension for Ryback who is already in a difficult position with the WWE having walked out of a show recently, and not having being utilised in recent weeks.

WWE may choose to release him early In light of this tweet, given what it implies and the fact that he is still under contract.


Ryback appears to be hinting to fans that he may be heading for TNA, or at least that this might be his intention, should he leave WWE.

If that is the case, this might be Ryback asking fans whether they like the potential new character name ‘Ryborg’ as well as the idea of him being in TNA.


Attention seeking?

This might also be an attempt from Ryback to get WWE’s attention.

Given the fact that WWE and its superstars are very active on social media now, this may get significant attention from the press, and if that is the case, WWE may be in hot water considering the fact that one of their superstars is hinting at switching to their main competitors, TNA.

Considering the recent vast amount of releases WWE have announced, it is entirely likely that Ryback might be next on this list, and given that he has been very vocal about his dissatisfaction with the company, he might find himself being unsuccessful in getting what he has asked for in his recent message to the WWE (in the form of his Tumblr post).

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