Allen Iverson says "You think I can be the MVP without practicing?"

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It's been a long 14 years since Allen Iverson's famous 'practice' rant, but the Naismith Memorial Hall of Famer is still getting asked questions about it to this very day.

The former Philadelphia 76ers point guard hosted a celebrity game for charity on Friday and took some questions after. It started out as a very tame Q&A, but then Iverson was asked how he felt about the incident all these years later.

Unsurprisingly, the 2001 MVP gave a textbook, excellent response. After all, he is called The Answer.

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"Obviously you didn't get it," Iverson said. "Obviously you didn't get it when I explained it, man. I didn't think I'd ever get that question again. See, you might have not seen the documentary, so I'll give you that. I'm just gonna hope you didn't see it. You just heard me say I was the MVP. That's the best player in the whole world. You think I can be the MVP without practicing? That'd be a bad (expletive).

The original rant is a long tirade where Iverson responds to accusations that he was a bad trainer, or didn't practice at all.

It was said that his coach at the time, Larry Brown, had taken issue with the training sessions Iverson had missed. But, as Iverson rightly pointed out, he was the MVP at the time. Which basically means, he was the best player on the planet at that time.

Philadelphia 76ers' guard Allen Iverson (C) stands

He repeatedly insisted, almost comically: "We're talking about practice, not a game." It was actually hard to dispute Iverson's statement because he was indeed so spectacular on the court at that time.

All these years later, he is still The Answer.

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