Antonio Brown flagged for sexually suggestive touchdown celebration

Pittsburgh Steelers v Washington Redskins

Tonight saw the first Monday Night Football of the new NFL season and after an exhilarating first Sunday of the season, everyone looked forward to two play-off candidates getting started.

The first game brought the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskins together in what would prove to be a 38-16 blowout in favour of Pittsburgh.

Strange celebration

The Steelers may have taken a while to get started as they fell 6-0 down, allowing Washington to score two field goals in that time, but eventually, their big names stepped up.


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Wide receiver Antonio Brown and runningback DeAngelo Williams had huge games as they scored two touchdowns each and combined for 297 yards from scrimmage.

For Brown however, there could be one big negative to come out of the game and it came shortly after his second touchdown.

With jut over 7:00 remaining in the third quarter of the game against Washington, Brown took an incredible catch from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for a 26 yard touchdown.

Following the incredible play, Brown would proceed to dance in the end-zone - not an uncommon sight but it drew a referees flag.

Celebrations can quite often earn a flag, but Brown drew one due to the sexually suggestive nature of his dance tonight.

While many fans on Twitter found one of the league's top receivers twerking to be funny and a bit of comic relief, the league will surely view it differently.

In fact in the NFL rule book, one of the three ways that unsportsmanlike conduct can be defined, clearly states:

"Actions that are sexually suggestive or can otherwise be construed as being in poor taste."

Brown's twerking action could certainly be seen to meet that criteria and it could also lead to more problems after the match - as was seen last year.

During one of the games in London last season, Kansas City Chiefs runningback Charcandrick West was penalised for the same offense and Mike Pereira had his say on the issue then.

Clearly sexually associated content is unacceptable in the league we will have to wait to find out if Brown is punished further than the 15 yard penalty given at the time.

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