Boxing showboating: Chris Eubank Jr was fulling ridiculing Liam Williams

Chris Eubank Jr buried his bitter feud with Liam Williams on Saturday night by punishing the Welshman for 12 rounds and then publicly mocking him in front of his home fans.

On a night where there was clearly no love lost between the two fighters, it was the Englishman who came out on top in Cardiff.

Williams had talked his way into the big money fight by publicly slating Eubank Jr and his family in recent years. He is even set to be reprimanded by the Boxing Board of Control following a controversial statement he made in an interview with The Telegraph prior to the fight.  

He said: “Eubank makes my skin crawl every time I look at him. I deeply dislike the guy. I want to kill him. I’m so up for this fight and ready to go.”

So, it’s no surprise that Eubank Jr wanted to put Williams back in his place!

The fight went the distance despite Eubank scoring four knockdowns, so the Englishman decided to take the opportunity to dance around the ring, waving his arms and laughing at his spent rival!

The antics were met with a chorus of boos from the Welsh crowd, but there was nothing they could do as their gladiator was outclassed by the slippery Eubank Jr.

In his post-fight interview, Eubank made it clear that he “didn’t want to knock Williams out” so he could further “punish him and teach him a lesson.”

However, Sky Sports boxing pundit Johnny Nelson disputes the claim: “I don’t buy that. If he could have got the knockout, he would have.

“His shot wasn’t landing. He couldn’t find the knockout shot.

“There is no way in a million years I believe him!

“He made a fundamental mistake – he should have stayed professional.”

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