Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Williams: Englishman vows to 'punish' Welshman for trash-talking

  • Tom Ward

Chris Eubank Jr has vowed to make Liam Williams pay for his social media antics when they face off at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.

The pair have ramped up their war of words in the build-up to Saturday’s fight with the Welshman calling the Englishman an ’embarrassment’ to his family name.

Eubank Jr, 32, was understandably riled by Williams’ comments, warning his rival he will make him regret everything that he has said.

And the Brighton ace, who temporarily relocated to the US during lockdown to train under Roy Jones Jr after some advice from his father, says he can’t wait to inflict some serious punishment on Williams, who will have the support of the home crowd.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: “Am I the bad guy? I don’t know if I like that title.

“We are in his back garden. But we are feeling strong and fit. I am very motivated.

“I am a stand-up guy and a standard-bearer for the sport, someone that kids can look up to and say: ‘I want to be like him’.

Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Williams Press Conference

“Their parents want them to be like me.

“Williams is a bad representative of the sport. The way he talks, the way he holds himself. He needs to be pushed out of boxing.

“He’s in for a serious and rude awakening.

“Anywhere the fight goes, he’ll be out of his depth. A fight, a boxing match, chess, a punch-up. I’ll be on him all night until he quits.

Chris Eubank Jr pulls a funny face

“I don’t see this fight going 12 rounds.

“My objective is to punish him until he gets knocked out or he quits.”

Much has been made of Williams’ decision to team up with Eubank’s former trainer Adam Booth after quitting the Ingle Gym in northeast Sheffield.

Booth, David Haye‘s long-time mentor, currently trains Junior’s cousin Harlem.

Chris Eubank Jr wraps his hands at the media workout

Harlem hasn’t let Eubank’s fight with Williams stop him from training at Booth’s gym in Redhill, with the 27-year-old taking part in separate sparring sessions to avoid any conflict of interest.

He has, however, found it hard to adjust to his new training schedule at the gym.

Harlem added: “It’s awkward for Chris, and even more awkward for me.

“Chris is my family but I’m in the same gym as his opposition.

Chris Eubank Jr’s cousin Harlem

“It’s difficult.

“I stated to Adam when it first happened: ‘I can’t be in the gym at the same time as Liam. I don’t want to cross paths because I don’t want a camaraderie’.

“I fully back Chris. He is family, he is blood.

“Adam knows my stance.”

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