Henrik Larsson: Pointless contestants won jackpot in 2017 thanks to answer involving Celtic hero

  • Rob Swan
Henrik Larsson: Pointless contestants won jackpot in 2017 thanks to answer involving Celtic hero

As fans of the sport, it’s always great when a football question pops up on a quiz show, isn’t it?

Even if you don’t know much about literature, history, the arts etc. there’s always a chance to impress your friends and family when a football question appears on screen.

But if your knowledge of the sport isn’t the best, getting a football question correct is presumably nigh-on impossible.

Two sisters found themselves in this predicament after reaching the final of a Pointless episode in 2017.

Tasha and Jo Smith were asked to name any footballer who scored at Euro 2020.

If they managed to get a pointless answer, they’d win the £2,250 jackpot.

For those who haven’t watched the show before, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

We all know the likes of Patrick Kluivert, Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer scored goals at the European Championships in 2000.

But in order to win the jackpot, the contestants had to name a more obscure player who wasn’t mentioned when the producers of the show asked 100 members of the public the same question.

Among the players who scored one goal at the tournament were Antonio Conte, Luis Figo, Raul, Michael Owen, Alessandro Del Piero and Paul Scholes.

Someone else who only scored one goal at Euro 2000 was Sweden striker Henrik Larsson – and that’s who Tasha and Jo went for, despite knowing very little about football.

To their amazement, and the millions watching at home, Larsson wasn’t indeed a pointless answer.

Watch the clip here:

How did they get a pointless answer?

But how did they manage to get a pointless answer?

Tasha told hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman: “My boyfriend Alex is a massive Celtic supporter and he knows that I’m rubbish with names and things like that so he said, anything football-related – he’s played for Man U, he’s played for Celtic and Barcelona, I think.

“He just said go for Henrik Larsson. And it’s paid off.”


“I literally can’t get over Henrik Larsson. It was absolutely brilliant,” Osman said.

“People often say ‘I’m going to go for a punt’. The look of genuine shock on your face when that column started going down was fantastic.”

He added: “It was one of the great endings to an episode of Pointless that we have ever had. What a lovely thing to watch.”

Speaking to BBC Scotland after the programme was aired, Tasha admitted she was “very surprised” to have won.

She added: “Alex didn’t believe me when I told him, he thought I was having him on.”

Tasha spent her winnings on a trip to Italy, Croatia and Greece.

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