Chris Eubank Jr highlights: Liam Williams outclassed in a four knockdown battle

Chris Eubank Jr demonstrated his skill in Cardiff against Liam Williams by flooring the Welshman four times to claim a career-best win in their middleweight fight.

The fight was scored 116-109, 116-109, 117-109 and little could be contested about the result as Eubank Jr settled a fierce rivalry.

Williams’ insulted Eubank Jr and members of his family for more than a year to get the 32-year-old in the ring and the resulting fight did not disappoint spectators.

The first round saw them both maintain space from one another until Williams obliged the noise from the stands and chased Eubank Jr around the ring. Eubank Jr was quick to retaliate the attempts for Williams and executed a jab that had the Clydach man floored as he attempted to walk in.

The knockdown was counted, and Williams was seen blinking profusely in a bid to shake off the hit.
Williams was quick to settle back into the fight, but Eubank Jr floored him once more with 80 seconds remaining on the clock.

The right-hand blow to the temple, had Williams knocked down despite his efforts to get in close.
A third knockdown came in the fourth round as Williams found himself on the receiving end of a left hook which saw him meet the ring-floor once again.

Williams managed to remain tactical for the following rounds and executed a more calculated fight, but it still wasn’t enough to overthrow Eubank Jr.

Things were the closest they got in the eleventh round before Eubank Jr upped his game and sent a powerful hook towards Williams, knocking him down and eradicating all victory hopes the Welshman held.
After the best fight of his life, Eubank Jr entered the final round producing Ali shuffles and dancing around the ring to a chorus of boos knowing he had secured the win.

The bitter rivalry between the pair made for a passion-filled match, but Eubank Jr ultimately overthrew Williams proving his class and putting him one step closer to his desired world title shot.

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