Chris Eubank Jr: Boxing fan 'loses life savings' after Liam Williams bet

A boxing fan has claimed to have heaped his entire life savings on Chris Eubank Jr to beat Liam Williams via stoppage on Saturday night, only to see the fight go the distance.

One very brave, and maybe very stupid young man, revealed via a direct Instagram message to Eubank Jr that he had put his entire life savings on him to win by stoppage and asked the star “not to let him down.”

Well, after knockdowns in three of the first four rounds, the punter must have been feeling confident that he was in the money.

However, Eubank Jr then proceeded to take his foot off the gas in order to further “punish” Williams and “teach him a lesson.”

The Englishman then danced around the ring in front of the Welsh crowd, taunting their prize fighter rather than going in for the big knockout shot.

A fourth knockdown later in the fight would only serve to agonise the punter further, as they would have been left gutted and gobsmacked given how the fight turned out.

Eubank said after the fight: “I am happy with the performance, I wanted to teach that man a lesson, he said some quite menacing things to me in the lead-up to this fight.

“I wanted to punish him – I didn’t want to knock him out in one round, I wanted to punish him.

“Headbutts, headlocks, I am surprised he didn’t get disqualified. But I took it like a man, and I punished him like I said I would.

“It was a fun night. I think I showed some of my critics a different side to me.

“There was no danger, if I had stepped on the gas at any point in the fight he would have been gone.

“There are levels to this game. Don’t be a big mouth against guys you can get hurt against.”

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