PUBG New State February Update: Release Date, Patch Notes and More

PUBG New State Gameplay

The PUBG New State Developers have announced that there will be a February Update for the game and we have all the key details ahead of this going live.

The mobile game available on iOS and Android devices has been a big hit ever since it was released back in November 2021.

Updates are crucial in games. Not only do they bring about bug fixes, but they can also bring new content, like map changes and weapons. They also help nerf or buff weapons as needed to add to the quality of life of a title.

The developers of PUBG New State have done a great job so far, and hopefully this upcoming update will go down well with the gaming community.

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Release Date

PUBG New State have announced that there will be an update in February 2022, and they have revealed that maintenance will see the servers go down on Thursday 10th February 2022. This is when the update will be.

Patch Notes

Patch Notes are crucial when an update comes out as they reveal everything that the developers have implemented.

If you are a huge fan of PUBG New State, you should definitely read all the patch notes for the latest update to see weapon changes, new content and more.

PUBG New State Have teased a new map coming in 2022

The PUBG New State Dev Twitter account have provided us with some details around what will be coming with this update and a future update as they look to make adjustments on the ‘vehicle meta’, and this will please the gaming community.

They revealed that they will be lowering vehicle collision damage, vehicle door health and health on several vehicles in this upcoming February 2022 update.

Meanwhile in a future update, they will be adjusting gun accuracy when shooting out of a vehicle and enlarging passenger hitbox by re-adjusting vehicle frames.

PUBG New State February Update notes Revealed

The full patch notes are now out, thanks to a YouTube video by New State Mobile, and they can be seen down below:

New Mode- Round Deathmatch

  • Taking place in the game’s newest map, ‘Arena’, Round Deathmatch is a best-of-7, 4v4 Deathmatch mode.
  • The match will have multiple rounds, with the circle starting to shrink at the start of each round.
  • The final team standing will win the round and a total of 4 must be won in order to win the match.
  • Players will be provided with a Frag, Smoke, Stun Grenade, as well as a Deployable Shield, at the starting position.
  • There are no respawns in the round but players will have a chance to revive dawn teammates. The care package at the centre of the map contains powerful weapons such as the GROZA.

Improvements to Team Deathmatch Mode in PUBG New State

  • Improvements across the board to various structures and general navigation.
  • Improved UI.
  • Additional support for newcomers and struggling players.
  • Double BP in Team Deathmatch.

Visual Changes

  • The devs mentioned battling eye fatigue in PUBG New State earlier this month and it looks like this is the result.
  • Adjusted exposure and colour settings in TROI.

New Weapons

  • MP5K (9mm) – SMG
  • Crossbow, can be found either in the field or the Drone Store.
  • New gun customizations for weapons such as the M249 will be available in PUBG New State Update 0.9.24.

New Features and Improvements

  • New ‘Unity’ feature to revive teammates faster by reviving them together, as a squad. This will speed up the process and can be used to ‘Recruit’ downed enemy players as well.
  • Improved delivery points for Drone Store.
  • Green Flare Gun revived players to come back with a 1911 Pistol to give them a fighting chance. The trunk feature now has additional sounds for unique items.
  • Entering moving vehicles is now much easier.
  • Damage inflicted by car damage has now been greatly reduced.
  •  Colour and shape customisations are now available for Scopes.

Be sure to stay tuned for all the latest updates.

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