Aston Villa: The Ghanian village that is full of passionate fans of Premier League side

It’s a very exciting time to be an Aston Villa fan.

With Steven Gerrard already impressing as manager, Villa are looking like a force to be reckoned with.

Their squad is full of talent with Philippe Coutinho, Emi Buendia and John McGinn some of the most entertaining players to watch on their day.

Given the start of life Gerrard has made at Villa Park, there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be targeting European qualification next season.

The tiny village of Juaben in Ghana must be a great place to be right now.

Why? Well, because it’s home to more than 1,000 passionate Aston Villa fans obviously.

Last year, we brought you the story of how the village wakes up at 5am on a matchday and turns claret and blue. They sing songs about their favourite players and are die-hard fans.

And with Gerrard at the helm, their fanbase is only growing stronger.

The man responsible is Owusu Boakye Amando, founder of the Ghana Lions. But why Aston Villa?

“My love for Aston Villa started when we were kids,” Owusu told the Daily Mail. “My grandfather used to talk about lots of players, but there was a certain player he used to talk about most. He always talked about ‘God, God, God’.

“So one day, I asked him, ‘Grandpa, who is this God you always talk about?’ He said ‘there is only one God, but there is also a God in football and his name is Paul McGrath’.”

McGrath signed for Villa from Manchester United in 1989 and spent seven years at the club.

But how does a group of people over 5,000 miles away support a football club?

“Every Sunday morning it is our routine,” Owusu added. “We have to be fit and more active so that we can chant, so we do exercises and after that, we will chant and chant and go on for more than three hours.

“When we come back we start the chants using the names of the footballers who play for Aston Villa, and we chant against the opponents we come to play against. We do some chants and we all watch them play together.

“Most people were Chelsea fans, Man United fans, Barcelona fans. They are all joining us as Aston Villa fans now! Because what we are doing is amazing.”

Owusu and the rest of the Villa supporters are desperate to get over to England and Villa Park to watch a match.

“It is our dream to go and see Villa Park,” Owusu said. “We want to see a game. All of my friends at the Ghana Lions say that.

“When we finally get a chance to go to Villa Park, we are not going to sleep in any hotel, we are going to sleep in the Holte End because that is our home, that will be our room!”

To help the Ghana Lions fund a football pitch, you can donate or purchase one of their official shirts.

Let’s get them to Villa Park!

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