World's fastest 180 in darts: Ricky Evans' maximum in rapid time is ridiculous

Ricky “Rapid” Evans lived up to his name when he produced the fastest 180 ever seen in darts.

The Kettering born ace managed to hit three triple 20s before the camera had even zoomed in on the board, and before his opponent could even have a sip of water.

The commentator on the day was left just as shocked, as he said: “Oh, my goodness, was that quicker than ever? Was that quicker than ever? That was less than three seconds surely?”

Yes, it was quicker than three seconds! Utter madness.

Evans landed his darts in an insane time of 2.16 seconds, quicker than a Tesla Model 3 can get to 60mph.

Rapid by name, rapid by nature.

The 31-year-old actually went on the lose said game by one set and crashed out of the competition in the first round, but his rapid 180 will forever be remembered.

His opponent Michael Smith said after his victory: “I tried to slow him down. I tried to keep myself in a rhythm. Maybe walk back have a drink, then walk to the board. I was like ‘Slow down please’.”

Since then, the 2013 PDC Challenge Tour winner has found his way into the headlines once again after he recreated Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic ‘Siuuu’ celebration in December last year after he beat Nitin Kumar.

Evans is clearly an entertainer and Wayne Mardle described him as the quickest player he has ever seen. It’s very hard to disagree, let’s be honest.

Darts fans were also keen to comment on the YouTube video that showed off Evans’ record-breaking 180, and they couldn’t believe what they were watching!

Judging by this record 180 in 2.16, it will be a long time before we see this record broken.

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