Floyd Mayweather rematch with Oscar De La Hoya would be 'bigger' than Conor McGregor or Logan Paul

  • Tom Ward

Oscar De La Hoya believes a blockbuster rematch with Floyd Mayweather would break the PPV records previously set by Money’s fight against Manny Pacquiao in 2015.

The ‘Golden Boy’ of boxing also reckons a rematch would eclipse both his recent clashes with Conor McGregor and YouTuber Logan Paul.

Mayweather, 44, is currently set to face Dubai rich kid Rashed Belhasa – aka Money Kicks – in an exhibition bout later this month.

Speaking to DAZN, De La Hoya said: “Obviously, he’s [Mayweather] all about the money.

“This would be probably the biggest fight out there for him. I believe it would be bigger than him fighting McGregor. It would be bigger than him fighting Logan Paul or whoever he’s bound to fight next.

“I think that people want to see real fights. People want to see legend versus legend, champion versus champion. This is what we do.

“This is what we’ve done for practically all our lives. People, not that they’re getting tired of seeing these exhibitions, but people want to see real fights.

“They want to see real legends in the ring. Fighters like Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and myself, we are real legends who put it out on the line and were in the ring for many years, fighting for world titles for decades.

Jun 6, 2021; Miami, Florida, USA; Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Green Trunks) stands in the ring prior to his fight against Logan Paul (not pictured) at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

“I strongly feel that a fight with Floyd would be massive, would be huge. That alone would attract Floyd Mayweather. I strongly feel a fight with me and Floyd can easily generate five million homes. 

“With all the technology, there’s so much that you can integrate in terms of publicizing the event, in terms of making it that much bigger.

“You now have the meta worlds, the NFT’s. You have that whole social media platform. It can be pretty big.”

De La Hoya, 49, was due to face Vitor Belfort in September but he was forced to pull out of the fight after he tested positive for coronavirus.

Having spent a few nights in hospital, De La Hoya revealed he’s unsure if he’ll ever fight again as ‘I’m not getting any younger’.

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He admitted: “COVID did get the best of me.

“I continue to train. I continue to take care of myself. I continue to do all the right things.

“Feeling great. I was maybe 80% when COVID hit me. I was ready. I was fast. I was strong. My timing was almost up to par.

“And then COVID hit, and it just derailed everything. I’m actually still feeling a little pressure on my chest alone. So when I go run, it’s difficult to breathe after running a couple of miles.

“I don’t think I’m in a position right now to even say if I want to fight again or not because I don’t feel it right now.

“Who knows, maybe that can change in the next couple of months. But right now, I’m not feeling it. I’m not getting any younger.” 

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