Eddie Hall bench presses massive amount & makes it look real easy

Eddie Hall has posted his new training regime ahead of his long-awaited boxing fight against Game of Thrones star and giant Hafthor Bjornsson, commonly known as The Mountain.

The former World’s Strongest Man routine included remarkable footage of himself bench pressing a rather insane 205kg.

That is a whopping 32 stone!

The video is posted on his 1.97 million subscriber YouTube channel called “Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall.”

The English Hercules told his viewers at the start of the video: “We are about to get stuck into a full body strength and conditioning session.

“The fight is going to be announced very soon. I want to stay big and strong.”

Hall will have to stay big and strong if he wants a chance of beating Bjornsson.

The Mountain is an Icelandic professional strongman too, but he comes in at a height of six foot nine.

Hall is six foot two, so he’s quite clearly at a disadvantage.

To make up for it, Hall is training heavily until his muscles pop-out of his body. Not literally, but you get the point.

The Englishman completed hex bar deadlifts, incline bench press, burpees, ball slams, Bulgarian split squats and landmine presses.

And on the incline bench press, he went up in weight until failure.

Hall started at 65kg, then up to 105kg, 145kg, 185kg before lifting an unbelievable 205kg.

After completing the lift, he said: “Oh my days, alright, 205kg for a triple I’ll leave that there.

“With boxing you get niggles everywhere – niggles in my back, my wrists, my hands, elbows, shoulders and benching big numbers like that just brings those little niggles to surface.

“You’re never going to be fresh boxing for or five times a week.”

Shockingly, Hall still had the energy to do six rounds of sparring in the afternoon.

Even at a disadvantage, The Beast is confident the fight will go his way.

“I’ve been in the ring with some great boxers and I’ve more than held my own.

“I’m very confident going into this fight as always.”

The fight is reportedly going to take place in March, so if you feel a slight earthquake during the day, it might be these two fighting each other!

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