Final Fantasy XIV Minions: What are the Current Unlocks?

Starbird is a minion in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

There have been many minions that are up for grabs in Final Fantasy XIV, thanks to the latest expansion of the Endwalker launched last December.

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of minions in-game, with even more being added with the release of Endwalker with the possibility of many more to come.

Sometimes, trying to obtain a minion can be incredibly difficult with some needing a huge amount of RNG while others can be as simple as doing a quest.

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Here’s all the information you need to collect all the new minions:

Final Fantasy XIV Minions

Adventure Basket

This new minion can be obtained as a craftable item with a level 90 Weaver Recipe one of the many crafters in the game as well as being a favourite of many players.

Brave New Urianger 

This cute little minion is something you can obtain through the Wondrous Tails tokens, you will only need one Khloe’s Silver Certificate of Commendation.


You can collect this minion from the Dungeon Ktisis Hyperboreia however it is a random drop that will be harder to collect but worth the grind.


Flag is an adorable deer that you can earn through your Battle Retainer while doing Field Exploration XXV Venture, your retainer only needs to be level 81 with the right gear.

Golden Dhyata

To obtain this minion you will need to complete the Studium Deliveries in Old Sharlyan, when you have completed this you will have one final task ‘The Meeting of Minds, complete this to get the minion.

Greener Gleaner

This is another minion that you can obtain from a Retainer Venture available in Woodland Exploration, again you only need to get to level 81.

Hippo Calf

A Hippo Calf is one of many minions in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.
Credit: Square Enix.

Another minion hiding inside a Dungeon chest, you can get this drop from Vanaspati’s final boss, with a low drop rate.

Nagxian Cat

This is one of the easiest to claim you only need 800 Sacks of Nuts and exchange them with Radz-at-Han.

Optimus Omicron

Endwalker has two more dungeons post-MSQ and Optimus Omicron drops from The Stigma Dreamscape, which is once again a random drop rate.

Prince Lunatender

You can obtain this minion from Smileton which is a level 90 dungeon, which is a random boss drop.


Starbird is a minion in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.
Credit: Square Enix

This minion you cannot sell on the market board but can collect it from The Dead End’s Final boss.

Tiny Troll

Another minion you can get from a dungeon, this one is the level 89 Dungeon, The Aitiascope.

Wee Ea

This minion you can get from Bicolor Gemstones, you need to complete the zone’s shared fate task, once you have done this and have 500 of the Gemstones you can purchase it from the vendor.

Wind-up Anima

This minion can be collected from the level 83 dungeon Tower of Babil by defeating the final boss.

Wind-up Daivadipa

Collect his minion from the special fate Devout Pilgrims vs Daivadipa, at max participation you get six Daivadipa Beads and the wind-up version of the boss costs 5.

Wind-up Herois

Once you have completed the MSQ you will get this minion along with the mount.

Wind-up Magus Sisters

You can obtain this minion from the final boss of the first Dungeon ‘The Tower of Zot’.

Wind-up Porom

This minion you can collect from the Collector’s Edition of Endwalker which is still purchasable in Mogstation.

Wind-up Grebuloff

For this minion, you are required to level another retainer but you need to level a Miner Retainer which can be collected at level 81 by doing Highland Exploration XXVI.

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