Jesse Cox Final Fantasy XIV: Streamer Gets Parents to React to Gameplay

Jesse Fox is a Final Fantasy XIV YouTuber.

Well known Final Fantasy XIV streamer and YouTuber Jesse Cox recently teamed up with GameSpot and Final Fantasy XIV in a hilarious ‘Parents React’ video.

Jesse Cox the long time gamer has been playing Final Fantasy XIV since  2020 with him saying that it is his favourite game.

The video revolves around his parents reacting to the latest expansion ‘Endwalker’ which came out in December, ending the 10-year saga of the Warrior of Light.

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What did Jesse Cox’s Parents Think FFXIV is About?

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker screenshot
Credit: Square Enix

Jesse Cox parents were asked, “what do you know about Final Fantasy?”

His Dad responded, “It sounds like it’s the last one of whatever it is”. While the 40-year-old responded to Cox’s father: “You’re actually kinda right, Final Fantasy, the very first one was the developer’s last attempt at a game”.

His Dad went on to ask “So were there any other games?”. The Youtuber replied, “YEAH it was very successful.”

The next question asked was “Based on this name – Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, what do you think it is about?”

Jesse Cox’s Mum replied, “water?” The streamer and his dad both correcting her and saying “Walker” while she chuckled to herself about the mistake.

The 40-year-olds Dad responded and said, “Well that sounds like the end of the game” while his Mum thought it was about Zombies.

Jesse Cox told them that his Dad was correct and added that this is the last part of the story.

After this he got his parents to react to the game’s trailer with his mum saying the ‘Warrior of Light’ was attractive, while his dad said the fight scene was kind of great and then went on to laugh about a character wearing a tie.

The Influencer next asked his parents what they thought of the new Primals.

What was Jesse Cox’s Parent’s Reaction to the Gameplay?

Jesse Cox got his parents to react to the boss Anima which his Dad said “Here’s my money, my keys to my car, let me show you where it’s parked”.

The Final Fantasy XIV Streamer then showed them a dungeon within the game which his Dad said it was colourful, with a lot of activity, with someone killing something else.

Jesse Cox’s Dad hilariously asked, “What is a boss?”

Did they Create a Character?

The 40-year-old got his parents to create a character not long after showing them some gameplay with his Mum wanted to make a cute looking Bunny while his Dad wanted to make it mean looking.

They started going through the Character Creation and intended to make him look as menacing as they could, once they finished they were made to choose a name.

Jesse’s Cox Mum chose the name ‘Thandor’.

Once they created their character, it was time for them to pick a ‘Job’ (starting class), with the Streamer asking them what they thought each Job would be.

Jesse Cox’s Parents’ Thoughts on Jobs

Dancer – His Mum said that they looked like an enticer because of the way the weapon looked, which he explained was basically correct.

The Final Fantasy XIV fan asked, “what do you think DPS Stands for?” This was after explaining that Dancer was a Ranged DPS, to which his mother replied: “Dangerous Person of Substance.”

He then showed one of the two new Jobs.

Sage – Jesse Cox’s Dad said that it looked like a beautician, or a barber, while his Mum said she was thinking about Merlin.

Reaper – The Streamer’s Dad said he looked like a Scythe, while his Mum said she was concerned about the thing behind the character, which his Dad then said “Reaper”.

Which incredibly was the correct guess.

You can watch the full video at GameSpot.


Cox sat them down and said to them that they have experienced the game, created a character, but what do they learn about the game.

His Dad was impressed by the amount of detail in the game, especially behind the detail of creating a character.

His Mum said that she would spend more time on making her character if she were given more time, as she really liked the Bunny Boy.

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