Arsenal: Thierry Henry mocked Chris Kirkland for time-wasting after scoring in 2007

  • Kobe Tong

Thierry Henry took no prisoners at Arsenal.

Widely regarded as the greatest player in Premier League history, Henry carried himself with an air of arrogance that made him a formidable figure for teams up and down the country to come up against.

Not only would he smash one of the greatest goals you’ve ever seen into your net, but he’d probably marry that up with the sort of ‘how about that?’ celebration to make you feel even more hopeless.

Arsenal 2-1 Wigan (2007)

That’s not a criticism, by the way, because you’d have to be the most diehard Tottenham Hotspur fan of all time not to at least smile ever so slightly at the sight of Henry showing off his omnipotence.

Ok, well, maybe Chris Kirkland, too, because the former Wigan Athletic goalkeeper doesn’t necessarily have the friendliest memories when it comes to Henry.

We say that because footage of Henry showing some elite s***housery towards Kirkland has once again gone viral and it can be traced back to Arsenal‘s first season at Emirates Stadium and their star player’s last.

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Let’s start easy: who’s this iconic character?

Henry savages Kirkland for time-wasting

Cast your minds back to February 2007 when Wigan were pushing for a historic win in north London when they led 1-0 courtesy of a Denny Landzaat strike that they wanted to uphold by any means necessary.

In other words, like many a team in Wigan’s position, the dark arts of time-wasting came out and Henry couldn’t have been more fired up to make the Latics pay when Arsenal eventually equalised.

With the Gunners finally breaking Wigan’s resistance courtesy of Fitz Hall’s own goal in the 81st minute, Henry decided to let Kirkland know exactly what he thought about his efforts to slow the game down.

In a video that still feels amusing and awkward in equal measure more than 10 years down the line, the Arsenal legend took absolutely no prisoners, so be sure to relive the peak s***housery down below:

If you come for the Premier League king, you better not miss.

Henry and Wenger address the incident

Now, at the end of the day, you can’t blame Kirkland and Wigan too much for their antics because almost any team in that position would do the same thing, even if it is incredibly frustrating to play against.

And according to Sky Sports, Henry confirmed that it was indeed the time-wasting that got under his skin by remarking: “Kirkland started to waste time from the first minute

“This is one of the games when I have run the most because I was trying to get the ball off him. When we scored I asked him if he wanted to waste any more time. It was just a joke, but it was a bit annoying.”

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Arsene Wenger even stood by his striker by adding: “Thierry was upset, but what he did, for me, was right. People do not pay money to see people waste time, they come to see football.

“Okay, he should not have done that, but it is not the biggest insult we have seen in football. The time-wasting started in the first half – the goalkeeper kept crossing over his area to take kicks.”

It’s not hard to imagine Kirkland having somewhat of a different take on the matter, but regardless of where you stand, there’s no denying that it makes for a spicy moment in Premier League history.


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