Dying Light 2: How to Fast Travel

A screenshot of Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 has finally arrived on the scene and the concept of fast travelling in-game is more challenging for some than others.

The parkour melee-based first-person survival series made a return to the gaming scene and physically running from one location to another can take up a lot of time.

Fast travelling is a highly useful way to navigate around this vast and unforgiving world – although it may not seem that important during the early stages of the story.

But as you progress, the need to fast travel will be far greater as you go from one side of the map to the other, without having to navigate through vast swarms of enemies in the process.

This is why we have produced this guide so that gamers can locate the fast travel points, using them, and what their constraints of them are once unlocked.

Where are the Fast Travel Points?

The Metro Station locations in Dying Light 2.
Credit: Push Square

Fast travel points are located at Metro Stations in Dying Light 2, which open up eventually as you progress through the game’s campaign. They unlock once you complete the story mission that happens in Old Villedor.

If you head to your map once this is completed, you will see the Metro Stations clearly highlighted and this is where you can fast travel from.

How to Fast Travel in Dying Light 2

Credit: Techland

First things first, head to a Metro Station of your choosing, which is marked with three white arrows on the map.

All you have to do is simply hold your cursor over the icons on your map and by holding down the X/Square (A/X on Xbox) buttons on PlayStation, you will instantly teleport to that location you selected.

There you go – that is all there is to it. All those times when you’ve spent almost half an hour trying to get from one side of the map to the other, are over!

This will make your life much easier when guiding yourself around the Dying Light 2 world, and not dying unnecessarily in the process!

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