Grand Theft Auto 6: Huge news about first official trailer

A trusted and reliable insider has revealed that the first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, which could be dropped sometime this year, will be actual gameplay footage and not just a CGI reveal.

A very prominent Rockstar Games insider named Tes2 has claimed we might be getting our first trailer for the game this year. Not a logo reveal or fancy CGI trailer either, this is set to be a full gameplay trailer, which could suggest that the game isn’t too far away.

Tes2 wrote: “Just expect the usual initial announcement we are used to this year. Work in progress materials. Like the first GTA 5 trailer.”

These claims were dropped in a discussion thread on the GTA forums, and shared on Twitter by @NEWSLEAKSGTAS.

According to Take-Two, the game is expected to have a large focus on single-player, but apart from that, and the fact it is in development, we basically know nothing else.

The leaker hasn’t specified when we can expect the trailer, but with 10 months left in the year, there’s a decent window for it to happen in 2022.

Rockstar Games does have a trend of revealing games in autumn, however. For example, GTA 5 was revealed on November 2, 2011 and Red Dead Redemption on October 20, 2016.

Make of that what you will…

So fans may need to wait until late 2022 to get a taste of the long awaited next instalment of the franchise.

In the meantime, GTA V: Expanded and Enhanced edition (the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version) is set to launch on March 15.

Fans have been disappointed with basically everything that has been shown about it so far as it doesn’t look different to any other version.

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