Epic Seven Patch Notes February 17th 2022: Leaks, Information and Everything You Need to Know

Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a free-to-play 2D RPG that is currently available on iOS and Android platforms, but what is included in the February 17th 2022 update to the game?

The originally Super Creative developed game sees players explore the epic title’s world through the adventure mode, which is brimming with anime cutscenes that detail the game story and individual special attacks.

The originally Super Creative developed game sees players explore the epic title’s world through the adventure mode, which is brimming with anime cutscenes that detail the game story and individual special attacks.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest version of Epic Seven, including the leaks, updates and full patch notes.

Epic Seven

Patch Notes

Here are the full Patch Notes for the Epic Seven Patch Update on Thursday 17th February 2022:

1. Hero and Artifact Balance Adjustments

Balance adjustments will be made to certain Heroes and Artifacts, facilitating better strategies involving them.

※ The probability, number of turns, and cooldowns are based on fully enhanced characters.

※ Other skills will not be changed unless stated.

※ [Hero Rating > After Balance Update] will be available for the Heroes adjusted in this update.

1. Hero Balance Adjustments

■ 5 Solitaria of the Snow (Light, Mage)

– <Pew, Pew, Pew!> will deal less damage, and its effects will be changed.

– The effect for <I Wanna Go Home…> will be changed.

– The effect for <Boom! Starlight Fall!> will be changed.

■ 5 Designer Lilibet (Dark, Warrior)

– The effect for <Emergency Stitching> will be changed.

– The effect for <Model Disqualification> will be changed.

■ 5 Chloe (Ice, Warrior)

–  <Magic Bolt> will deal more damage, and its effects will be changed.

– <Hyper Strike> will deal less damage, and its skill cooldown will decrease by 1 turn.

– Option 1 of Chloe’s Equipment <Prototype Crown> will be changed.

■ 5 Celine (Earth, Thief)

– The effect for <Intuition> will be changed.

– The effect for <Thunderclap> will be changed.

■ 5 Lilibet (Earth, Warrior)

– The effect for <Snip-Snip> will be changed.

– The effect for <Soul Cutter> will be changed.

– Option 2 of Lilibet’s Equipment <Soul Tailor> will be changed.

■ 4 Sinful Angelica (Dark, Soul Weaver)

– The effect for <Dark Salvation> will be changed.

■ 3 Ainos (Dark, Soul Weaver)

– <Silent Fire> will have a Soulburn effect added.

– The Soulburn effect of <Firepower Cube> will be removed, and its skill cooldown will decrease by 1 turn.

■ 3 Lucy (Earth, Soul Weaver)

– <Paper Whirlwind>’s skill cooldown will decrease by 1 turn.

– The effect for <Paper Barrier> will be changed.

■ 3 Adin (Earth, Thief)

– The effect for <Lightning Bolt> will be changed.

3. Artifact

■ 5 Cradle of Life (Warrior-exclusive)

■ 5 A Little Queen’s Huge Crown (Warrior-exclusive)

■ 4 El’s Fist (Warrior-exclusive)

※ For more information regarding these balance adjustments, please see this link. [February 17 (Thu) Balance Adjustments Preview]

2. Effect Change Temporarily Available for Exclusive Equipment Balance Adjustments

Effects can be changed for a set period as adjustments will be made to Chloe and Lilibet’s Exclusive Equipment.

Players can change the effects only once.

■ Exclusive Equipment Effect Change

– Schedule: 2/17 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 3/3 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

– Details

Hero NameExclusive EquipmentEffect to ChangeAvailable Effects
ChloePrototype CrownOption 1: Magic BoltOption 2: Magic BoltOption 3: Heavy Strike
LilibetSoul TailorOption 2: Snip-SnipOption 1: Slice-SliceOption 3: Soul Cutter

■ Location

– Inventory > Exclusive Equipment Tab > Select a piece of Exclusive Equipment > Change Effect

– Hero > a Hero equipping Exclusive Equipment > Equipped Exclusive Equipment > Change Effect

■ Exclusive Equipment Effect Change

– Select the Exclusive Equipment to be changed and tap Change Effect.

[Chloe – Prototype Crown] 

[Lilibet – Soul Tailor]

■ Notes for Exclusive Equipment Effect Change

– The main effect value will not be changed.

– Players can change the effect of the eligible Exclusive Equipment only once.

– When a player changes the effects, the changes cannot be reversed.

– When a player changes the effects, the Equipment will be unequipped automatically.

– Equipment obtained after adjustments are made will not be eligible for this effect change.

3. Mystic Summon Revamp

■ Mystic Summon – Grade Selection Function Update

Some UI for the main and summon pages will be changed following the Mystic Summon update.

※ The newly adjusted UI will be applied with the 2/17 (Thu) update, and the Grade selection feature for Guaranteed Summon will be applied on the next Mystic Summon Hero rotation.

– The new feature will be available after 2/24 (Thu) 03:00 UTC

[Grade Selection in Guaranteed Summon]

– Players will be able to select either 4★ or 5★ Moonlight Hero groups for Mystic Summon.

  Default: 5★ Moonlight Hero group

– Players can select the desired group on the main page of Mystic Summon by tapping the 4★ or 5 ★ Moonlight icon. (No limit or cost for switching the groups)

– The summon count on the top of the page displays the summon count of the selected summon group.

– The 5★ Moonlight group will be selected after each Mystic Summon rotation.

– Mystic Summon probabilities will not be affected by the players’ selection.

[Maximum Summon Count]

– 4★ and 5★ Moonlight Heroes available in Mystic Summon have separate max summon counts.

Grade5 Moonlight4 Moonlight
Maximum Summon Count200110

– Every time the player performs a summon, the summon count of the selected group will decrease by 1 and the summon count of the other group will remain unchanged.

– When the player summons the desired Hero, the summon count of the selected group will reset.

– When the player summons a Moonlight Hero while the Hero group is not selected, the summon count of the group will not reset.


 – Descriptions and content in Help will be adjusted following the Mystic Summon update.

■ Mystic Pack Purchase Limits and Sale Cycle Adjusted

– With the update on Mystic Summon, the purchase limits and sale cycles of Mystic Packs and Special Mystic Packs will be adjusted.

[Update Schedule]

2/24 (Thu) 03:00 UTC

※ Special Mystic Pack 1 and 2 currently available for purchase will close upon the update time regardless of their sale closing schedules.

[Adjustments on Mystic Pack 1~4 Sale]

Current1. Reset: The first day of the month2. Purchase Limit: 3 times per account
Changed1. Reset: Upon every Mystic Summon rotation2. Purchase Limit: 5 times per account

[Adjustments on Special Mystic Pack 1 and 2 Sale]

CategoryPurchase Conditions
Current1. Availability: For 4 hours in Shop > Pack after the player has purchased all Mystic Packs2. Purchase Limit: Once a month per account (Restes on the first of every month)
Changed1. Availability: For 4 hours after the player has purchased all available Mystic Pack 42. Purchase Limit: Once per account upon every Mystic Summon rotation

■ Mystic Summon Revamp Check-In Event

– Schedule: 2/24 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 3/17 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

– Detailed information on the Events will be provided in a separate notice.

4. Ancient Inheritance Update

A new type of real-time Guild co-operation PvE, Ancient Inheritance will be added.

In a secluded area of the destroyed Shandra Ruins, an entrance to the hidden dimension of the forgotten Aekhir Temple has been discovered.

Accept the request of Huche and explore the hidden area with your Guild members.

Accept the request of the Memory Chain and explore the hidden dimension!

■ Location

Guild > Battlefield > Ancient Inheritance

■ Season 1. Aekhir Temple

 Ancient Inheritance is a season-based content and will open for 2 weeks.

Korea/Asia2/21 (Mon) 03:00 ~ 3/6 (Sun) 17:59 UTC
Europe2/21 (Mon) 03:00 ~ 3/7 (Mon) 02:59 UTC
Global2/21 (Mon) 10:00 ~ 3/7 (Mon) 09:59 UTC

■ Eligible Guilds

  1. Guild Condition: 20 or more members

  2. Member Condition: Account Rank 40 or above

※ Guild members who satisfy the member condition during Ancient Inheritance seasons will be able to participate immediately.

※ Guilds that had 20 or more members when the season started and lost members with the total number of current members below 20 will still be able to continue to play in Ancient Inheritance.

※ Guild members who left a Guild and joined another during Ancient Inheritance season will have their progress and Exchange currencies reset. Defeating multiple boss monsters in different Guilds will not award the players multiple Equipment rewards.

■ Ancient Inheritance Currency

[Exploration Provisions]Provisions required for various interactions while exploring the Ancient Inheritance.- Usage: Moving, interacting with objects, commencing monster battles- Acquisition: Regenerated daily according to the Player’s Exploration Level- Regeneration: The amount resets daily according to the server reset time, not exceeding the capacity.
[Ancient Dream Shard]Vestiges of a distant past that disappeared into a distorted dimension now remain as an ephemeral dream.Can be used in the Ancient Inheritance Exchange.
   [Class Enhancement Ingredient]It can be used to enhance the overall performance of a class.Obtainable from increasing Exploration Level.

■ Tutorial and Help 


– The tutorial begins on the initial entry with Huche providing general information.

– Players can skip the tutorial.


– Descriptions and information for Ancient Inheritance will be added in Help > Guild.

– Detailed information on the new content Ancient Inheritance can be found by tapping the [?] icon at the top of Guild > Battlefield > Ancient Inheritance page.

■  Basic Information

[Map Layout]

– The map of Ancient Inheritance consists of hexagonal tiles.

– Players can move from tile to tile, interact with objects, and commence battles against monsters.

– Ancient Inheritance can be divided into 4 floors which have different difficulties. Players can start from the first floor.

[Hero Enlistment]

– Location: Ancient Inheritance > Hero Info > Enlist

– Before fighting against monsters in Ancient Inheritance, players must complete enlisting their Heroes.

– Heroes that are not enlisted cannot be part of the team.

1. Hero Stat Adjustments

   a. Enlisted Heroes will become 6★, fully Awakened, and have all of their skills enhanced to +15.

  b. The effects of Artifacts and Equipment Set equipped by Heroes will remain unchanged but some equipment stats will be changed.

2. Hero Enlistment

  a. Identical Heroes, Ingredient Heroes, and Heroes who have not been fully unlocked via Moonlight’s Blessing cannot be enlisted.

       (Including Specialty Change Heroes)

   b. If you have not enlisted all possible Heroes, you cannot participate in battles until Heroes incapable of fighting are reset.

   c. Enlisted Heroes cannot be transmitted or used as materials, nor can they be recalled or sent to the Waiting Room.

3. Enlistment Withdrawal

   a. Players also can withdraw Heroes from Enlistment.

   b. Players can withdraw up to 8 Heroes on the Hero Enlistment screen

   c. Withdrawing Heroes does not cost players.


– Relics are exclusive buffs that can be equipped in Ancient Inheritance.

– Relics grant you benefits for actions such as exploration.

– Players can replace Relics obtained during exploration. However, Starting Relics cannot be replaced.


– “Objects” refer to all elements players can interact within Ancient Inheritance except for monsters and obstacles.

– Object Type

   1. Usage

      a. Personal Object: Can be used by each Guild member

      b. Shared Object: Can be used by all Guild members

   2. Benefit Type

      a. Reward Object: Contains rewards (Reward Chests)

      b. Special Object: Grant the player events, buffs, Relics, and etc.

■ Rules

[Starting Point]

– Starting Point. Each zone has 2 to 4 Starting Points.

– Guild members will also start at a random Starting Point.

– In the beginning,   the surroundings are covered with dark Fog.

   a. Player View: A view that lights up the regions where you have passed. It is the brightest view. The areas that have been revealed will remain lit.

   b. Guild View: A view that lights up regions on the map other than that of the Player View that Guild members have passed through. You can check the terrain and confirm the location of Guild members and marks.

   c. Fog: Regions, where no one has explored, are covered with Fog. Here, you cannot check any information or terrain.


– Guild Objectives are displayed on the top right of the screen in Ancient Inheritance.

– Complete the objectives to activate a portal to move to the next zone.

[Movement and Exploration]

– In Ancient Inheritance, Exploration Provisions are consumed for every movement and action.

– Acquisition: Exploration Provisions can be acquired through interactions with certain objects and will be recharged on daily reset.

– After defeating all Wardens indicated by the objective in a zone, players will be able to battle the Boss Monster, and the Teleportation Megalith will become active. (including the spots where Boss Monsters are)


– There are Normal Monsters that you must defeat on your own, and Elite/Warden/Boss Monsters that Guild members must work together to defeat.

– All Heroes who have participated in the battle will become incapable of fighting for the rest of the day.

– Heroes incapable of fighting can be used again after the daily reset.

– Players can check damage contribution rankings after a battle against Elite/Warden/Boss Monsters.

1. Weakening Normal Monsters

   a. Normal Monster battles are individual battle content that can award the player with a lot of Exploration EXP.

   b. With each successful battle, the heart-shaped Health Points of the monster will decrease.

   c. If the battles are too difficult, you can weaken the monsters by using Exploration Provisions on the battle preparation screen.

   d. If you fail to defeat the monster, only a portion of your Exploration Provisions will be consumed and Heroes will not become incapable of fighting.

2. Elite Monster Battles

   a. Elite Monster battles are cooperative content where you join forces with other Guild members. Guild members will gain Participation Rewards every time you participate.

   b. Guild members can claim Clear Rewards through the Reward Notice once the Elite Monster is defeated.

3. Warden Battles

   a. There are 2 to 4 Wardens for each zone. It can be confirmed via the objective. 

   b. After defeating all Wardens, the Teleportation Megalith will become active, and players will be able to battle the Boss Monster.

   c. Only the Guild members who have participated in the battle will be able to claim rewards through the Notice.

   d. Guild members who have not participated in Ancient Inheritance before defeating a Boss Monster cannot receive the rewards.

4. Boss Battles

   a. Once all Wardens are defeated, players will be able to battle the Boss Monster.

   b. Unlike other monsters, Bosses use various skills that are set depending on specific turn orders.

   c. It is important to remember all the skills’ effects and be prepared before the Boss takes their turn.

   d. Clear Rewards are given to all Guild members via Notice regardless of their participation.


– Players can acquire Exploration EXP by exploring Ancient Inheritance to increase their Exploration Level.

1. Increasing Exploration Level

   a. The higher the Exploration Level becomes, the greater the number of Heroes the player can enlist. Similarly, the daily Exploration Provisions the player can acquire, and the Relics the player can equip increase.

   b. The higher the Exploration Level becomes, the higher the chance of getting higher grade Relics from Relic Chests becomes.

   c. Players can acquire Class Enhancement Ingredients each time they level up.

2. Class Level Enhancement

   a. Players can enhance the class with Heroes that work best for them in order to improve their performance and defeat monsters more easily.

   b. Players can select a class to enhance among the six classes.

   c. Enhancing the class will improve the performance of all enlisted Heroes of that class.

   d. The class Level can be enhanced to Lv. 15 max and cannot exceed the Exploration Level.

   e. As the Class Level increases, the required amount of Class Enhancement Ingredients will also increase. Class Level that has been enhanced cannot be reset.   

[Clearing Zones]

– When the player successfully defeats a Boss, the “Portal to the next Zone” will appear where the Boss disappears, and the Boss Defeat Notice will be sent out to all Guild members.

– Players will be able to proceed to the next zone by using the portal, and will not be able to come back to the current zone.

– Make sure you finish everything that you planned to do in the current zone before you proceed to the next one.

– Guild members will start at a random Starting Point in the next zone.

– Defeating the Boss on each zone will leave a time record on the Ranking Board.

– When the player defeats the Boss in the final zone, a stronger Boss will appear at the same location.

■ Ranking Board

– The top five Guild records will be saved on the Ranking Board.

– Players can receive Skystones for checking the Ranking Board.

■ Rewards

[Instant Rewards]

– Normal objects players discover and while defeating normal monsters in Ancient Inheritance will be awarded to the players immediately.

– Elite Monster battles are cooperative content where you have to join forces with other Guild members. Participation rewards will be given right after each battle.

[Guild History Reward]

– Tap the [] icon to display Guild History in Ancient Inheritance.

– Event Tab: Information such as Elite Monster and Warden Defeat Notices, Boss Encounter/Defeat Notices, and Guild Treasure Chest Rewards will be listed in chronological order.

– Rewards from winning Cooperative Monster Battles and Guild Treasure Chests will be displayed here. Tap Receive Reward to receive the rewards.

[Main Reward: Equipment Set]

[Main Reward: Greater Modification Gem Selection Chest]

■ Exchange

– Ancient Dream Shards collected in Ancient Inheritance can be exchanged for valuable items in the Exchange.

– Exchange will close in a week after the current Ancient Inheritance season ends.

5. EpicPass – Spring 2022 Is Coming

The Epic Pass Spring 2022 Is Coming is here!

Meet Villainess Vivian who is keeping her distance from others, intentionally saying cruel things to them!

We hope that many of our Heirs will participate in this Epic Pass.

■ Schedule

2/17 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 3/17 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

■ Location

Players can access the Epic Pass by going to the main lobby and tapping the “Epic Pass” icon.

■ How to Use

– You can increase your Season Rank by consuming the currencies specified.

– As you increase your Season Rank, you can earn a variety of rewards.

   ① Free Reward: Basic rewards that can be acquired according to a players’ Season Rank.

   ② Premium Reward: Rewards that can be acquired when the Pass is upgraded to a Premium Epic Pass.

   ③ Special Reward: Rewards that can be acquired when the Pass is upgraded to a Special Epic Pass.

[Season Rank & Season EXP]

1) Currency Value

   – Players can receive season EXP by consuming the currencies listed below in different game modes.

   – The Spring 2022 Is Coming consumable currencies that provide Season EXP are as follows:

2) Purchase Season Rank

   – Players can use 100 Skystones to increase their Season Rank by 1.

■ Epic Pass Upgrade

– Players can upgrade to the Premium Epic Pass or Special Epic Pass by using Skystones.

※ After purchasing the Premium Epic pass, players can upgrade to the Special Epic Pass for 900 Skystones. (900 Skystone)

The Epic Pass Upgrade can also be purchased during the reward collection period. However, it is not possible to acquire season EXP.

[Hero Skin – Villainess]

– The illustration and cut scenes will change when this skin is equipped on the 5★ Hero, Villainess Vivian.

6. Special Side Story – Seven Sweethearts ~Our First Spring~ Week 2

Enjoy the thrilling stories of the club festival in Reingar!

A Special Side Story, Sweethearts ~Our First Spring~ Week 2 will begin!

■ Schedule

2/17 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 2/24 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

■ How to Enter

Clear 10-10. Shrieking Hall in Episode 1

■ Seven Sweethearts ~Our First Spring~ Information

[Week Opening Schedule]

1Chapter 1Yuna/Pearlhorizon Route2/10 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 2/24 (Thu) 02:59 UTC
Chapter 2Celine/Judith Route
2Chapter 3Iseria/Wanda Route2/17 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 2/24 (Thu) 02:59 UTC
Chapter 4Lucy Route

[Enhanced Heroes]

Lead Hero BuffLv. 60 / Awakened to 6★ / +15 Enhanced SkillsAttack, Heath – 30% IncreaseYuna, Celine, Iseria, Lucy
EnhancementAttack, Health – 30% IncreaseDoll Maker Pearlhorizon, Judith, All-Rounder Wanda, Pearlhorizon, Wanda

■ Week 2 Information

[Event Currency]

[Unfortunate-Looking Chocolate]Chocolates made by the Baking Club’s newest members.They look awful, but they taste just fine, so they’re being handed out for free at the festival.Chapter 3External Affairs Club
[Temporal Trace]Special papers infused with mana. Surprisingly popular among collectors, they are being secretly traded,even if they have been already used.Chapter 4Archives Club

※ The event currency that can be obtained from each chapter is different.

※ Story Stages do not provide Event currency.

[Enhanced Artifacts]

※ Players may equip the event Artifacts during the event period for free.

■ Stage Progress

– Seven Sweethearts ~Our First Spring~ is a Special Side Story, where your choices in a stage will determine your progress for the following stages.

– The Wanda route is a sub-route of Iseria’s story and will be available depending on your choices during Iseria’s story.

[Story Stages]

– Story Stages do not require Energy to enter and do not have any battles.

– Depending on which dialog you select, the following dialog will vary.

– Story Stages do not provide Event currency.

[Stage Difficulty]

– Players can choose their difficulty on stage 8-I1. Cocoa Butter Boulevard and 8-A1. East Transaction Spot.

– Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it.

– As the difficulty progresses the amount of energy needed to play will increase as well as the amount of event currency earned.

– Hell difficulty can be played up to 5 times during the side story period.

[Goblin’s Den]

– The [S. Goblin Challenge] stage will open for players who have completed all stages in Chapter 3 in「Seven Sweethearts ~Our First Spring~」 Week 2

– Players can complete S. Goblin’s Den stage once during the Side Story period.

[MolaGora Habitat]

– The [S. MolaGora Habitat] stage will open for players who have completed all stages in Chapter 4 in「Seven Sweethearts ~Our First Spring~」 Week 2

– Players will be able to complete S. MolaGora Habitat once during the period.


– Players will be able to exchange the event currency, Unfortunate-Looking Chocolate, and Temporal Trace for items in the Exchange.

– Players will be able to exchange event currency for items up to one week after the Side Story ends. Unused event currency after that period will then be deleted.

7. Vivian & Dignus Orb Drop Rate Up

In this Drop Rate Up, meet Vivian, an Earth element Mage who can strike with an AoE attack and also provide various buffs to allies. Players can also obtain the Mage exclusive Artifact, Dignus Orb which provides benefits to mages with low health!

■ Schedule

2/17 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 2/24 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

8. Iseria & Song of Stars Drop Rate Up

Meet Iseria, an Earth elemental Ranger with a rare skill that resets the skill cooldown of an ally and Song of Stars, a Ranger-exclusive Artifact that allows the player to reliably target an enemy after using a Single Attack.

■ Schedule

2/17 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 2/24 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

9. Other Improvements and Adjustments

■ Shop

[Skin Shop]

– The Epic Skin, 「Heir of Radiance Ruele of Light」 will be added to the Skin Shop.

[Secret Shop]

– Caides Hunt Equipment will be added to the Secret Shop.

– Normal Equipment will be removed from the Secret Shop.

– Probabilities for Equipment will be adjusted.

  a. Secret Shop probabilities can be found at Lobby > Secret Shop > Probabilities.

■ Heroes and Artifacts

– An issue where Blood Blade Karin’s passive effect did not increase her Speed and Combat Readiness when she begins battles with reduced Healt, will be fixed.

– Solitaria of the Snow’s basic attack, Pew, Pew, Pew! will have a grunting sound effect.

– Injury effects will be immediately applied to Ervalen’s max Health when calculating Ervalen’s skill factors.

– The description “when using a non-attack skill” for Thief-exclusive Artifacts, Secret Art – Storm Sword and Sword of Winter Shadow will be adjusted to “after using a non-attack skill” to match the actual effect. No functional changes will be made.

– An issue where the Knight-exclusive Artifact, Crown of Glory affected wrong targets will be fixed.

■ Monster

– Typos in skill descriptions for monsters appearing in Adventure and Side Stories will be fixed. No functional changes will be made.

– Misleading content in the description for the monster Sun Seed’s skill, <Sun Dew> will be fixed. No functional changes will be made.

■ Adventure and Story

– An issue where tapping a certain spot on the World Map in Episode 3 moved players to Chapter 10. East Politia will be fixed.

– Typos in the story for the AP Exchange in Chapter 1 South Theranhad, Episode 4 will be fixed.

■ Battle

– An issue where the Cancel option was deactivated when removing the assigned Guardian from the team will be fixed.

– An issue where increased/decreased max Health by team Morale in Labyrinth was not counted for some effects will be fixed.

■ Other

– An issue where the Level Stat gauge UI was overlapped with adjacent UI when setting it at 1 in Journal > Hero Journal > Preview Stats will be fixed.

– An issue where the application suffered an error when the player attempted to enhance a skill with insufficient Gold, moves to the Shop via the pop-up page, and taps Back on their device, will be fixed.

– An issue where players could adjust the number of Selection Chests to open while the confirmation page was displayed will be fixed.

10. Special Side Story – Game of Princes Preview

Vivian somehow ends up in a different world and meets the princes of Kastamir.

A Special Side Story, Princes’ Game begins now.

※ Players can preview the prologue during this period.

Thank you.


Noted Epic Seven leaker site e7Leaks has given the following information regarding the latest update of the game:

Here is what you can expect to see in the latest update of Epic Seven:

  • Hero Balance Adjustment 
  • Rerun: Valentine’s Day Special Side Story – Seven Sweethearts – Chapters 3 & 4
  • New Valentine’s Day Side Story – Week 1
  • Episode 4 – Chapter 4, East Khan
  • Adin’s Awakening (Skill Tree) (Tied to Chapter 4)

Here’s some of the content that has been released in the last month or so of Epic Seven updates:

Feb 10, 2022 [Patch Note] No Maintenance

  • Official – Rerun: Valentine’s Day Special Side Story – Seven Sweethearts – Chapters 1 & 2
  • Official – Hero Banner: Eda + Twilight Calamity
  • Official – Hero Banner: Celine + Secret Art – Storm Sword

Feb 3, 2022 [Patch Note] Maintenance

  • Official – New Mystic Rotation: Lionheart Cermia & Watcher Schuri [Intro]
  • Official – Hero Banner: Pavel + Dux Noctis

Jan 27, 2022 [Patch Note] No Maintenance

  • Official – New Hero Banner: Peira + Goblet of Oath [Intro]
  • Official – New Side Story: The Path of Vengeance

Jan 20, 2022 [Patch Note] Maintenance

  • Official – New Exclusive Equipments (Tenebria, Melissa, Great Chief Khawana) (8 week cycle)
  • Official – New Guardian: Kazran (January) [Preview]
  • Official – Expeditions: Open Recruitment
  • Official – Limited Hero Banner: Cerise + Guiding Light
  • Official – Hero Banner: Charles + Justice for All

Jan 13, 2022 [Patch Note] No Maintenance

  • Official – Side Story: Thuggish Angel Roseria
  • Official – Hero Banner: Cermia + Border Coin
  • Official – Hero Banner: Cecilia + Rise of a Monarch
  • Official – Powder Shop Refresh

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