Kurt Zouma: Graeme Souness rips into West Ham ace before Leicester game

Kurt Zouma has come under-fire in recent weeks after a video emerged appearing to show him kicking and slapping his cat.

Despite being widely condemned, Zouma played the full 90 minutes in West Ham’s 1-0 victory against Watford in mid-week.

He was in the starting lineup once again for the Hammers’ Premier League clash against Leicester on Sunday afternoon.

However, Zouma fell ill during the warm-up and had to be replaced in the starting lineup.

Graeme Souness was covering the game on Sky Sports. He has a reputation for speaking his mind and was extremely passionate when speaking about the Frenchman’s actions.

He showed no sympathy for Zouma whatsoever after it was revealed he had to pull out of the game.

The Scotsman started: “I’ve got 0 sympathy for him. I’ve got major problems with it. Do we have time to talk about it? Major problems with it.

“For me, I look at that video and the cat has done nothing wrong. It was picked up and abused for entertainment. It wasn’t out of anger, they were laughing.

“The example he sets there… for the child, he smashes the cat out the child’s arms. The biggest problem I have of it, they decide to put it out on TikTok. It goes out on social media. The fact they put it on social media suggests they didn’t think there was anything wrong with their behaviour. They thought people would find this funny and amusing.

“It’s just wrong on every level what they did.”

He continued, per the Daily Mail: “I think they [West Ham] have mis-managed it from day one. I wouldn’t have played him again this year. As a player I wouldn’t want to be in the dressing room with him. Statements mean nothing, fines mean nothing in this instance.’.”

Souness also couldn’t resist interrupting Jamie Carragher after he gave his thoughts on the situation.

After Carragher said, “We don’t know what Zouma has been through in terms of scrutiny”, Souness replied: “Not as much as the cat went through.”

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