Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, Edge & Lita: WWE's greatest on-screen couples

  • Ash Rose

WWE has been littered with romance over the years, from lovestruck couples making their way through the company together, scandalous love triangles, chaotic weddings and more drama than episode of your favourite soap.

So, as it’s Valentine’s Day, GiveMeSports ranks the best-ever WWE on-screen couples… 

Mark Henry and Mae Young 

Easily the most infamous WWE couple there’s been and one befitting the very nature of WWE’s Attitude Era. Under his ‘Sexual Chocolate’ guise, Mark Henry hooked-up with the 77-year-old ‘man-eater’ Mae Young much to the utter dismay of WWE fans. A relationship that got so serious, it saw Mae fall pregnant, yes, and later give birth to a rubber hand. Thankfully the relationship didn’t last long as Henry was sent back to OVW to hone up on his in-ring craft. 

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Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae 

Two stalwarts of the black and gold brand, you could almost label Johnny and Candice the Mr. and Mrs. of NXT. We first saw Candice as part of Gargano’s on-screen WWE world, when she was inserted into his programme with Andreade ‘Cien’ Almas to counteract Zelina Vega in the pair’s rivalry. Soon LaRae was a permanent fixture in NXT, both as part of Gargano’s emotional feud with Tomasso Ciampa and as singles competitor in her own right. They pair then later formed the faction ‘The Way’ as mentors to Austin Theory and Indie Hartwell before Rae went on maternity leave and Johnny departed the company. 

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Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee 

Bryan may now be more known for his on and off-screen marriage to Brie Bella, but his first dabble in WWE romance came in his story with AJ Lee. The relationship was a one-sided affair, with Lee’s undying love never verbally reciprocated from Bryan, in a relationship that mirrored the classic dynamic of Randy Savage and Elizabeth. It all came to head at WrestleMania XXVIII, when AJ’s pre-match kiss distracted then World Champion Bryan and he lost his title to Sheamus in just eighteen seconds. Daniel dumped her after the match and the relationship was never the same. 

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Goldust and Marlena 

If Goldust’s act wasn’t already layered with varying inuendoes, the layers increased once he introduced real-life wife Marlena to his act at the Royal Rumble in 1996. Together the pair pushed WWE’s envelope yet further in a duo that was full of sexual intrigue, with Marlena constantly encouraging his man to ‘make out’ with his opponents and sucking on a cigar in matter befitting a different act altogether. Their relationship ended in the midst of a feud with Brian Pillman, where Marlena was set to leave Goldust for Pillman before his sad death put an end to the storyline.

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Marc Mero and Sable 

It all started so well for real-life turned on-screen duo Marc Mero and Sable, but jealously is an ugly thing and fuelled the downfall of this relationship. Having introduced Sable to his act upon his arrival in WWE in 1996, Mero quickly developed a dislike for the attention his wife had acquired, as she soon become the bigger star of the pair. The animosity led to an actual match between the pair at Over The Edge, and although Mero won the bout, it ultimately led to Sable ‘leaving’ the company. She soon returned to gain her final revenge and cement her place as an icon of The Attitude Era. 

Eddie Guerrero and Chyna 

A loveable, but very competitive couple, Eddie and his ‘Mamacita’ were full of the kind of romance WWE fans love. Eddie showered Chyna with love and a constant supply of roses too, while both competed for the Intercontinental Title. With Guerrero even winning back the strap from Chyna in a triple-threat match with Kurt Angle. Alas, it was Eddie’s other showering that ended the relationship, with the ninth wonder of the world finding Latino Heat getting soapy with two other women. Nothing more than we came to expect from someone who regularly lies, cheats and steals! 

Rusev and Lana 

A duo that remained locked by each other’s side for pretty much their entire run in WWE – if you ignore the ill-advised missteps involving Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Lashley along the way. Entering the company in a Rocky IV-like tribute act, Rusev and Lana slowly shelved their Russian ‘roots’ and transitioned to an act that really should have taken Rusev all the way to the very top. The couple were so in-tune with each other, that they married without WWE’s approval whilst they were ‘apart’ in a TV storyline and it can’t be long before we see CJ Perry reunited with Miro in AEW. 

The Miz and Maryse 

The Miz and Maryse met for the first time during the 2006 WWE Diva Search, which was hosted by the Miz, but didn’t appear as on-screen couple until 2016. Now, with Miz as one the company’s biggest heels – and a former WWE Champion – it added a new layer of smugness to his act. The obnoxiously brilliant couple have enjoyed main event feuds with the likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Edge and their on-screen chemistry has led to them getting their own popular reality TV series Miz and Mrs. They are every bit the ‘It couple’ they say they are. 

Edge and Lita 

Fresh off the heat garnered thanks to her real-life infidelity with Edge, WWE paired up The Rated R Superstar and Lita to maximise Edge’s main even persona and turn Lita heel in the process. Together they’d reign over WWE as Edge won his first-ever world championship. Celebrating in infamous fashion, with a live sex celebration on Monday Night Raw. They stayed together until Lita’s retirement in 2006. 

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon 

The cornerstones of the current WWE landscape behind the scenes, but it’s on-screen where the legacy began for Hunter and Stephanie. From the humble beginnings of Triple H’s kidnap and forced matrimony, through The Game and his new squeeze ruling over WWE both as champions of the division and later leaders in ‘The Authority’, Steph and Trips are as solid a couple as there’s ever been in WWE. The only question that remains is whether they are still the golden couple to take the company into the new generation once Vince is no longer in charge. 

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Macho Man Randy Savage and Elizabeth 

You can’t knock an original and the standard bearer of WWE couples remains Randy Savage and Liz. They remain the only couple to have their wedding main event a WWE pay-per-view – and at Madison Square Garden, nonetheless. For years the story was of Liz, forced to aid Savage in his conquests both as heel and as a face, and eventually leading to a break-up of the pair. Their reconciliation at WrestleMania VII changed all that, in one of the most emotional moments in the event’s history. It led to the couple (at least in storyline) remaining together for the remainder of Savage’s WWE run and early stint in WCW. 

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