PUBG New State Season 2: New Upcoming Map Details Revealed

New PUBG New State map 'Africa'

PUBG New State Season 2 will be going live in the near future and we can reveal some great details about a new map coming when the season is released.

The franchise has been a big hit on console and PC, and now the gaming community has been blessed by the developers because they released this specific game for mobile devices.

Both iOS and Android users are able to play PUBG New State and they will be over the moon to hear these new details about a new map going live.

This new map is exactly what the gaming community needs as it will give the game a huge refresh and many want this evolution in PUBG New State.

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New Upcoming Map Details Revealed for PUBG New State Season 2

When a new season goes live in the gaming industry, many immediately want to dive into all the new content that will be released with the new season. We are typically treated to new weapons, big updates and new characters, as well as new maps.

This upcoming map will be a lot of fun by the looks of the images, and the details were revealed on Twitter by PUBG New State News and Updates.

The details that they revealed is the fact that the new map is called Africa, and it will be available for game modes in which see teams of four play against each other.

PUBG New State New Upcoming Map Revealed named Africa

Small maps which feature mini squad battles can be a lot of fun and get very competitive in multiplayer game modes.

Hopefully this bodes well for the future of PUBG New State as it should mean that the developers release a lot more new maps as they go through the seasons.

No doubt the game is hugely successful right now, and it is very exciting to see how it evolves over the next few months.

Make sure you grind up the levels with your weapons throughout the course of season one so that you can have an experience on the new future map Africa.

Hopefully a video is revealed showcasing the whole map so that we can get a proper look at it.

If any more details are revealed around the new upcoming season, we will reveal them at GiveMeSport as soon as we can.

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