Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: Special K mocked for Gloves Are Off moment

Kell Brook has been taking pelters on social media today after his appearance on ‘The Gloves Are Off’ ahead of his long-awaited fight with British rival Amir Khan.

The two British boxers fight each other, at last, this Saturday in Manchester, which will settle British boxing‘s longest-standing grudge.

Ahead of every big fight on Sky Sports, Johnny Nelson sits down with two fighters involved for an episode of ‘The Gloves Are Off’, where both individuals get a chance to go face-to-face with their opponent ahead of fight night.

These usually lead to some juicy trash-talking from either side, getting the fans excited for the fight.

However, it’s also an opportunity for boxing fans to judge and access where both fighters are at, and thanks to one particular moment, a lot of people are expecting Khan to get the win.

In fact, Brook has been accused of being ‘like a son looking for his father’s approval’ after wanting respect and acknowledgement from his rival.

When Nelson asked, “Do you want him to acknowledge your achievements?” Brook answered, “I just want that acknowledgement, that respect.”

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Khan replied with a smirk: “I respect that, look you won a world title, you went to America, you fought there, well done.”

This left Brook looking rather gobsmacked as he was left speechless with Khan’s approval.

Fans found the speechless part of the clip hilarious, because Brook literally could not think of anything to say, but they were also quick to criticise him for how he was behaving and holding himself.

Fans believe Brook will lose the fight this weekend because he’s “too emotionally invested,” which lets Khan get underneath his skin easily.

We’ll see the outcome of the fight on Saturday February 19, but round one already goes to Khan.

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