Leicester City quiz: Where did it all begin for these Foxes stars?

Esteban Cambiasso celebrates for Leicester City

Leicester City have signed players from all over the world, especially since they returned to the Premier League, but can you guess where these famous players started their careers?

Even before the Foxes’ incredible Premier League triumph in the 2015-16 season, Leicester were an active club in the world’s transfer market and had recruited players from a variety of countries and leagues. 

Some signings were successful while others weren’t as much, but its always important to look into the background of players when contemplating a transfer. 

Jamie Vardy, one of Leicester’s greatest ever players, rose to glory from non-league football and hasn’t looked back since. 

But can you guess where these 15 past and present Leicester players first started their footballing careers? How much do you know about the history of some of the club’s most famous names? 

Have a crack at the quiz below, and why not share it around to see how your knowledge compares to friends and family!

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Jamie Vardy for Leicester City.jpg

Which club did Jamie Vardy start his magnificent career off at?

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