World's slowest darts throw? Terry Down's technique was painful to watch

  • Zak Leech

It has been said that throughout history, slow and steady wins the race.

While this isn’t true in most contexts, ask any fan of any form of racing, nobody quite epitomises this saying more than dart’s player Terry Down.

A player who will perhaps go down in infamy as the slowest darts player in history.

Perhaps, going down in history is a bit of a tall order as unlike his throw, Terry Down’s career was short lived and not exactly record breaking.

Down is particularly slow in comparison to today’s darts professionals such as Kettering-born Ricky Evans, who holds the record for the fastest time to score a 180, doing so in a blistering 2.16 seconds. It seems they don’t call him Rapid Ricky for nothing.

Terry Down went up against veteran Jocky Wilson at the 1985 BDO Blackthorn Masters and a clip of the game is live on YouTube, and it highlights just how slow Down truly was. 

Down’s much more ‘reserved’ approach meant that by the time he had stepped up to the oche to the completion of his third throw, a whopping 34 seconds had passed. For context, Evans with his 2.16 time would be able to rack up an impressive 15.7 180s.

Yet, while slow Down’s ‘deliberate’ style as described in the video could be effective, a clearly agitated Jocky Wilson can be seen pictured in the background with a sweating brow.

Commentator Sid Wadell reported that during the match Wilson was so tired of standing and waiting for his throw that he took a chair from the crowd to sit on in between turns.

It’s safe to say darts fans have had a lot of fun with the clip, taking to the comments section on YouTube to post their best jokes.

After winning one leg each, Down’s cold and calculated method in the third leg saw him beat a perplexed and outraged Jocky Wilson.

The highlight of a forgotten career, the infamous 1985 Blackthorn Masters saw Terry Down crowned as the people’s champion, and according to eye-witnesses, by the time the match was over it was 1986.

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