eSports Boxing Club: New gameplay footage emerges & it looks unreal

eSports Boxing Club have released a YouTube video informing fans on their latest updates, which include new fighters and new gameplay features.

ESBC is taking the gaming community by storm, despite not even being released yet.

The realistic boxing game made by Steel City Interactive has gained significant attention thanks to its amazing graphics and life-like fighting mechanics.

The game has been built from the ground up, with constant insight from the professional boxing world to make sure every aspect is as accurate as can be.

The most recent video released on ESBC’s YouTube channel gives fans a taste of what they’ve been working on over the past few months, with some exclusive gameplay footage using none other than Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder in a re-make of their superfight.

So, let’s summarise what we found out.

Firstly, several different camera angles have been added to the game to enhance the user experience.

Players will be able to choose between wide camera angles, close-ups and a cinematic view, which looks strikingly impressive with their revolutionary graphics.

Fighting on the inside has also been given special preference. Gamers who can better time their shots and position their fighter well will land successful blows, whereas those who cannot will see their punches fail to connect properly.

Speaking of punches? The game has 64 different types. Talk about an arsenal of weapons!

The platform also used this opportunity to announce their latest fighter coming to the game: “The man from the Steel City itself.

“The home of Steel City Interactive.

“The former welterweight champion of the world.

Kell Brook!”

Another huge name to add to the list that’s already full to the brim with legends, we’re talking; Tyson Fury, Wladimir Klitschko, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Muhammed Ali, to name a few…

And the timing is, of course, fitting, given Special K’s return to the ring in his grudge match with Amir Khan this Saturday night.

Keep your eyes on ESBC because they’re making real moves in bringing the fight world to the forefront of the gaming industry, and it’s been a long time coming.

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